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Morning Links

The NYT Well blog asks if exercise can treat depression. The free-range momma wonders what the difference is between a sack lunch and a recently beating heart. Listen to NPR’s All Things Considered discuss why humans were born to run … Continue reading

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My Favorite Primal Breakfast

Here’s a quick & easy primal breakfast you can make.   And it has the added bonus of being super tasty and healthy.  Importantly, you can and should switch up the ingredients whenever you feel like it.   Variation is … Continue reading

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New Primal Recipe Links

Jen’s Gone Paleo: Salmon Packcake Primal Palate: Curry Sirloin Tips Fast Paleo: Coconut Curry Chicken The Real Food Mama: Zucchini Noodles Me.Myself. and Food: Kale Chips Primal Awesome: Cauli Rice Balanced Bites: Not-So-Sweet Chocolate Walnut Truffles

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I play outside!

On I found this Workout of the Week (WOW): I would normally take my kids to the gym and leave them in a germ-infested room with a bunch of strangers for over an hour, so I thought this would … Continue reading

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The Lost Art of Play

Do you go outside and play? Check out this excellent lecture from primal guru Mark Sisson at the first ever Ancestral Health Symposium held in California a few weeks ago (lecture slides embedded below): View more presentations from Ancestry

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A Miracle

I have to thank Bob Ewing for this new lifestyle and way to live.  Working out, watching what you eat… seems simple, right?  I am on 4 different types of medication, one specifically is mostly used as a chemotherapy treatment … Continue reading

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Why Are So Many People Talking About Celiac Disease?

You don’t have to be taking a Primal Challenge to know that celiac disease is bad, and becoming all-too-common.  Consider the USA Today feature from this week, Celiac disease on the rise in the U.S. According to the piece, celiac … Continue reading

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A Work of Art: Chuck’s Eggplant Dish

We introduced you to Chuck Grimmett a few weeks ago.   He’s one of the folks taking our Primal Challenge.  And, as we pointed out, he’s also quite the chef.   Check out these pictures from his post Eggplant Dish: … Continue reading

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Welcome four NEW people to the Primal Challenge!

Today we’re excited to announce four new people to the Primal Challenge!   Brian, Cord & the Daly sisters.   Pictures below. Brian is a good buddy from back in Ohio.   As long as I’ve known Brian, he’s been … Continue reading

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Friday’s Primal Success Story – The Paleo Parents

Although there’s some small differences between Paleo & Primal, the diets & lifestyles are mutually supportive, and consider themselves to both be under the same umbrella of ancesteral health based on evolutionary science. Stacey & Matthew, along with their three … Continue reading

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Primal Parenting for Families with Kids

Blogger Peggy Emch over at The Primal Parent started eating Primal back in 2005 in order to try and overcome infertility and some other health issues.  Thanks in part to her strict Primal lifestyle, she had a healthy pregnancy and … Continue reading

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Andy at 22 days: I feel a magnitude better

Andy posted Team Soell’s second primal update.  Once again, Andy is worth reading in full, so I copy here in its entirety: We’re just past the two-thirds mark in our month long Primal Challenge, and we’re still hanging with it. This … Continue reading

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Morning Links

Primal/Paleo gurus Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf go head-to-head. The Spokesman-Review says that sitting can be extra harmful to women. David continues to kick butt — he has his first day without medication! Courageous Mind is two weeks into his month-long primal challenge. Jenny is Running for … Continue reading

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How NOT to Run Barefoot

McNamara and I went out for a six-mile run today over lunch.  The weather was beautiful and sunny.   (This was a simpler time, before the fabled DC Quake of 2011.)  I’ve been completely barefoot for well over a year now … Continue reading

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PRIMAL VALUE MEAL: The one-meal challenge hits Sept 17. You in?

Here’s a primal challenge for you:   Can you get together with some buddies and make a healthy meal that costs less than $5 per person?   Michael Pollan and others are encouraging you to pledge “yes” to the $5 … Continue reading

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