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Morning Links

A study, published today in the New England Journal of Medicine, explains why calorie restriction is not effective for weight loss.  (Hint:  hormones!) Team Robb Wolf gives 5 Steps to make the most of the upcoming Off-season. Mark Sisson has … Continue reading

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Link: Review of Wheat Belly

In case you haven’t seen it yet, there is an excellent review of Wheat Belly over at The Daily Lipid. It is worth a read: Wheat Belly — The Toll of Hubris on Human Health

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BAREFOOT TUXEDO MARATHON: For Amit Gupta and Swab a Cheek, Save a Life

The 2011 video is up and live! *CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THE FUNDRAISER* **PLEASE JOIN THE BONE MARROW REGISTRY** I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon completely barefoot again.   But this time, I’ll also be wearing a tuxedo!   And cool … Continue reading

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Eggs Scrambled With Homemade Kimchi

After I read Scott Ewing’s post on trying kimchi, I decided to make some. I used Dr. Ben Kim’s recipe, minus the fish sauce. It is super east to make and pretty delicious. I suggest trying it out. I gave … Continue reading

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Morning Links

A personal trainer packs on 70lbs . . . on purpose.  Great photos. Free the Animal reviews Mark Sisson’s new book: The 21 Day Total Body Transformation. The Healthy Skeptic discusses a study that shows low cholesterol being associated with … Continue reading

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Primal Rainy Afternoon Agenda in New York

1. Arrange chicken over cut zuchinni, carrots, onions, spinach and garlic. Sprinkle with spices, cover, and put in the oven @ 400 degrees. 2. Run down the east river in Vibram Five Fingers. Extra points for hitting a downpour with … Continue reading

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Changing Habits and Picking Pumpkins: Delicious Lessons During Break

Out of habit, I jumped in my vehicle, turned the ignition, and put it in reverse. I was going to the store. Before I took my foot off of the brake I thought about what I was doing. Why was … Continue reading

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Still going strong

Despite my lack of posts for the past several days, I am actually still on track. Since Friday, I have attended several meetings at NYU with catered food. Most of them had a salad option with chicken, which was nice, … Continue reading

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My Dad’s Day 15 Update

From my Dad, Chuck Grimmett: After 15 days I am finally getting over cravings and urges to raid the pantry at 10 pm. I can feel some weight loss and my belt is one notch tighter! We decided not to … Continue reading

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Primal Crunch: Grain-Free Granola

When I first started the primal challenge, I decided that I need some go-to primal snacks so that I would not give in and cheat, so I ordered a Steve’s Original Sampler Pack. I can not afford buying that stuff … Continue reading

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The Most Notable Thing About Tuesday’s Attempted Suicide

I planned to leave work early on Tuesday, but a last-minute meeting held me up.   If I left early as planned, I very well may have been on the train that struck a pedestrian and caused this: Apparently, the … Continue reading

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First day done

So, it’s been an interesting day. I ate well, lots of spinach, chicken, eggs, and tomatoes among other things. I made Chuck Grimmett’s stuffed feta chicken thing from Oct 4 and it was very yummy. Went for a run and … Continue reading

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You might want to draw the line at primal biking….

Here’s a video going viral right now.   I happened across it on John Durant’s hunter-gatherer site, though it’s already over 7 million views after just 3 days. Amazing: Here’s a screen capture I took: According to the YouTube description: Mountain … Continue reading

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Day 1 – So not ready, but committed anyway

So I’m back in New York. I just woke up, have not eaten anything yet, and really want a cup of coffee. I am a moderate coffee drinker, averaging anywhere from 0-2 cups a day, generally with cream or half … Continue reading

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Time to Re-up

Good morning! I am coming up on my 30 days, and I’ve already decided to try 30 more. I’ve been reflecting, so I thought I would share my thoughts. First I should disclose that when I started this challenge, I … Continue reading

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