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If at first you don’t succeed…

Hey all, I started the 30 day challenge a couple years ago, and fizzled out after about 2 weeks. I just started a new job, and had some other recent shifts in my life, so I figure now is a … Continue reading

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Mid Week Links

Fila barefoot shoes now on sale for under $30. ABC News video on brides going into ketosis with a feeding tube to lose weight for their wedding. Michelle Obama makes a compelling case that healthy, nutritious food would have saved the Titanic. Great … Continue reading

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BAREFOOT TUXEDO MARATHON: For Amit Gupta and Swab a Cheek, Save a Life

The 2011 video is up and live! *CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THE FUNDRAISER* **PLEASE JOIN THE BONE MARROW REGISTRY** I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon completely barefoot again.   But this time, I’ll also be wearing a tuxedo!   And cool … Continue reading

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Primal Rainy Afternoon Agenda in New York

1. Arrange chicken over cut zuchinni, carrots, onions, spinach and garlic. Sprinkle with spices, cover, and put in the oven @ 400 degrees. 2. Run down the east river in Vibram Five Fingers. Extra points for hitting a downpour with … Continue reading

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Playing outside one day after work: Cheers to Mark M. for shooting/editing the video and picture.   He’s awesome.

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Morning Links

The NYT Well blog asks if exercise can treat depression. The free-range momma wonders what the difference is between a sack lunch and a recently beating heart. Listen to NPR’s All Things Considered discuss why humans were born to run … Continue reading

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How NOT to Run Barefoot

McNamara and I went out for a six-mile run today over lunch.  The weather was beautiful and sunny.   (This was a simpler time, before the fabled DC Quake of 2011.)  I’ve been completely barefoot for well over a year now … Continue reading

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Attention barefoot runners! Dr. Davis wants to study you.

Hunter-Gatherer.com just posted that Dr. Irene Davis at the University of Delaware is looking for barefoot runners to participate in a study. Sounds quite simple — one online survey a month for a year — and you get entered to … Continue reading

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Harness the Power of the Stiffy Goats

Antonie, Isaac & I ran a 5k this Sunday.   Shira was our captain.  Larry our Chief Negotiator.  We were on Team Stiffy Goats, named in honor of these guys.   We harnessed the power of the stiffy goats and … Continue reading

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