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Try Something New: Brussels Sprouts

I am on a mini campaign to cook each week with unfamiliar vegetables. When I go to the grocery store, I look around for veggies I have never cooked with and buy them. Last week it was Brussels sprouts. I … Continue reading

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Try this experiment: Go to two different blogs, scan the comments

I think that people are starting to wake up to the fact something is wrong with the conventional wisdom on diet.   For the past several decades, government officials and health experts have been telling people to adopt a low-fat, high-carb … Continue reading

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30-Day Coffee-free Challenge

In the spirit of treating your body as a temple, it’s time for a 30-day Coffee-free Challenge! But wait a minute, isn’t coffee perfectly acceptable for primal living? It can be, in moderation. But it also causes a host of … Continue reading

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Your body is a temple

I have been contemplating this phrase recently. Everything you put into your body affects you, and we should always be striving for optimum energy and health. We all have our off days and “cheats,” but just keep this phrase in … Continue reading

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TONIGHT: Antonie Hodge Speaks on Food Freedom

Tonight our very own Antonie Hodge, of The Primal Challenge fame, will be speaking on a panel for America’s Future Foundation titled DC Roundtable: Get Government Out of the Fridge. From the AFF website: Just when you thought it was safe … Continue reading

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Mid Week Links

Fila barefoot shoes now on sale for under $30. ABC News video on brides going into ketosis with a feeding tube to lose weight for their wedding. Michelle Obama makes a compelling case that healthy, nutritious food would have saved the Titanic. Great … Continue reading

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Dairy Free Challenge: Final thoughts from Paleo Joe

The 30-day Dairy-Free challenge has ended. Here are some final thoughts: Much like Chuck, I did not notice any benefits to going dairy-free. I have reintroduced dairy to a much larger extent than I was consuming pre-challenge, and I am … Continue reading

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