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One of my favorite Breakfasts.

Here is one of my favorite Primal Breakfasts.  I often mix up the specific ingredients, but the basic formula remains the same: 1 or 2 high omega-3 eggs; onions; coconut, olive, or walnut oil; and a bunch of veggies, whatever … Continue reading

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The Health Benefits of Kale

By Terri Nelson-Bunge Growing up, I think most of us heard our mom say, “Eat your veggies!” We were all pretty sure she was right but didn’t really know why. Veggies in general, and kale in particular, have a powerful place … Continue reading

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What “3 fat chicks on a diet” have to say about GRAPEFRUIT…

Grapefruit is a large subtropical citrus fruit generally recognized for its slightly bitter and sour taste. It was first produced in Barbados as a hybrid fruit that resulted from a cross between pomelo and sweet orange. Grapefruit was named after … Continue reading

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