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Not Exactly Primal: Rope Swing FAIL

The Fail blog has a video making the rounds now that shows a woman trying to swing on a rope into some water.   I just added it to YouTube so I could share here: Of course, I hope she … Continue reading

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Friday’s Primal Success Story

Need some motivation?  Check out Alison’s Primal success story over at Mark’s Daily Apple:

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Resisting Food Peer Pressure

Since I started to eat primal, the majority of my meals have shifted from pizza and takeout to cooking at home.  I’ve got that transition pretty well figured out, but eating primal at cookouts and social gatherings can still be … Continue reading

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Morning Links

The New Jersey Newsroom asks if we should eat like a caveman. Blogger Layne Pennell goes primal & resists the onslaught of peer pressure. The Atlantic discusses the paleo diet.  Has solid comments section. (H/T CCK) Michele Foley asks if … Continue reading

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The Truth About Diet Soda

The most popular article at Men’s Health is on diet soda.   It’s short & worthwhile, so I’ve reposted below.  See the original here. IN A NUTSHELL: Diet soda drinkers have a 70% bigger gain in waist circumference over time People … Continue reading

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Less Than One Week Left in July!

For those that started the Challenge on July 1, you now have less than one week to go!   Keep it up!   ***IMPORTANT:  Don’t forget Principle 5:  Get Your Basic Measurements.*** In order to receive your fabled Certificate of Awesomeness, you’ve … Continue reading

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Dinner Last Night

Courtesy of Neal Buchanan.  Super quick to make & super tasty to eat. Grass-fed steak Green pepper Onion Tomato Salt & pepper Olive oil Water

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Michael Pollan’s Food Rules

In December 2009, journalist Michael Pollan followed up his wildly successful bestseller In Defense of Food with another bestseller, a pocket-sized guidebook called simply Food Rules.   He lists 64 rules in total, many derived from his research but quite a … Continue reading

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Friday’s Primal Success Story

Need some motivation?  Check out Marie’s Primal success story over at Mark’s Daily Apple:

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Heal Your Gut

I’m a fan of Chris Kressler and his website, The Healthy Skeptic.  He has a series of posts called  ‘9 Steps to Perfect Health’ that includes #5 – Heal Your Gut.  It’s crazy that “The human gut contains 100 Trillion … Continue reading

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Well, I guess these qualify….

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Cooking oil

I’m used to using canola oil for frying stuff and olive oil for dressing. Have you guys found any good primal options? Any thoughts on using bacon grease?

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Standing desk

After reading Antonie’s post, I was inspired to give a standing desk a try. It is definitely not as fancy as her iMac on a bookshelf. Here is a picture of my jerry-built desk:This is only day two, but I … Continue reading

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Principle 7: Be a Part of a Healthy Team

This past week, I had the fortune to hang out with The Great Sheldini in Vegas.  We both attended Freedom Fest. Sheldini is the editor of The Freeman, an excellent magazine published by the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE).   At … Continue reading

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Joining the Primal Challenge

Flying back from a 5 week stay in Europe, it was time to start making some lists – before the outset of the trip, there were some pretty ambitious personal goals: to figure out the meaning of life, the role … Continue reading

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