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CONSIDER LENT: I’m giving up clutter

It’s probably been more than a quarter century since I’ve participated in Lent, but I’m in for this year.  And though I’m late to the punch, I’m hoping you’ll consider joining me. Seeing the many folks on Wednesday with ash … Continue reading

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Wedding Prep

I’m getting married two months from today. I’ve been a little lax with my primal lifestyle, so it is time to get my body in shape. Here is what I am doing: I cleared out my pantry, 100%. No non-primal foods … Continue reading

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Weekend Challenge: Unplug for a Day

This weekend, I challenge you to unplug for 24 hours. Don’t check your phone, your email, don’t turn on the TV, and don’t surf the web. Instead, get outside to play, think, read a physical book that has been sitting … Continue reading

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Eating Cold Water Fish

Last week, while we were eating lunch at the FEE Summer Seminars, John Durant of pulled a can of sardines out of his backpack and began chowing away. When I looked a little surprised, he said, “We all need to … Continue reading

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7 Day Challenge – Log Your Food

Inspired by Bridget’s recent post, I began logging my food a few days ago. This has been a useful tool in keeping me on track with staying primal during these cravings. Since there seems to be a few of us … Continue reading

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