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Struggling to keep up

It’s been hard for me to keep up with my diet around the holidays festivities. Right now I am probably 50-50, which is nowhere near where I would like to be. I’ve been having a specially hard time motivating myself … Continue reading

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Paleo Almond Butter Cups

Since my computer crashed last week and I failed to used my iphone to make a post (sorry!!!) you guys are in for a twofer this week. If you want to make a great paleo dessert this holiday season (or … Continue reading

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Paleo CrockPot

A few days ago I decided to use the crockpot I got from Amazon for the first time. I love to cook, but sometimes I just want to get home from work and relax. These are the most dangerous days … Continue reading

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Paleo soda?!

I don’t know about you, but I used to love soda. I have drastically reduced my consumption to the point where I don’t even enjoy it that much anymore. Yet, somehow I still crave it every now and then. Today … Continue reading

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When I first started doing pale, back in July, I thought it might have been a coincidence that my heartburn was gone. It’s not like I suffer of a bad case of heartburn, it’s just a bit uncomfortable. Every now … Continue reading

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I’m on a roll with blog posts today. I recently got a new phone, an iPhone. The phone itself is alright, but what is really cool is that it gives me access to a ton of different apps, and that’s … Continue reading

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I’m Back

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while, but I’m back. I dropped the ball the last couple of months, made several excuses, and went off the primal lifestyle. The result: I felt like crap. I tried to get back … Continue reading

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Insulin Crash

One of the biggest advantages of eating primal is the consistent amount of energy throughout the day. In his book, The Primal Blueprint, Mark Sisson talks about the importance of controlling the level of insulin in your blood and how … Continue reading

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On The Road

Not too long ago my girlfriend and I decided to spend a weekend at her family’s house at the Jersey Shore. I was a little worried about what I was going to do about food. Sure, I could always rely … Continue reading

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It has officially been over a month since I started the primal challenge. It was a success. I’ve had no grain, processed food or sugary drinks for a month. The result: I have lost 7lbs on the scale. More impressively, … Continue reading

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Cooking oil

I’m used to using canola oil for frying stuff and olive oil for dressing. Have you guys found any good primal options? Any thoughts on using bacon grease?

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Standing desk

After reading Antonie’s post, I was inspired to give a standing desk a try. It is definitely not as fancy as her iMac on a bookshelf. Here is a picture of my jerry-built desk:This is only day two, but I … Continue reading

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Primal lasagna

Lasagna is probably the one food I’ll miss the most about fat me. I love lasagna. Yesterday one of our coworkers lost a bet and brought two giant lasagnas that looked and smelled delicious. I came to the lunch room … Continue reading

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Reusable food

It used to be pretty hard for me to make something new out of leftovers. That’s because I just used to make pasta, or rice dishes and so forth. Here’s what I had for dinner last night: Grilled steak with … Continue reading

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Almost at the 1 week mark

The first time I heard Bob talking about paleo diet I thought it was for nut jobs. I mean, how could I possibly give up pizza, pasta, bread and sweets!? It turns out its actually pretty easy to do that; … Continue reading

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