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If I ever write a memoirs it will be called "From Podunk to Poland to Pakistan" says a good friend of mine anyway. I'm from a small town in Michigan and enjoy world travel. I'm a Christian, advocate for liberty, enjoy real food, and barefoot runs. I studied economics and now work full time for a missions organization as a link between US churches and overseas schools and churches, serving indigenous pastors by discipling and teaching them so they can teach others.

A Review of Whole9’s Foundations’s of Nutrition workshop

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a Whole9 workshop led by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, “Foundations of Nutrition.”  It was only halfway through the day when I thought, “wow, this was time and money well spent.”  The workshop was … Continue reading

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The Paleo Solution: Book Review

The book is fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the things that really helped my reading of it is that I had already listened to many of The Paleo Solution podcasts featuring Robb Wolf.  That was crucial for … Continue reading

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Primal saved my life

Not really… I just wanted a title that would pull you in. For the past three months I’ve been about 99% Primal and now adhere to it at 100%.  It didn’t take long at all to notice benefits.  Now that … Continue reading

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A solution for the difficulty of eating Primal

Possibly the hardest (and only hard?) part about eating primal is that it can be pretty extreme. No cheats allowed. I know, I know, there’s the 80/20 rule, and that is good and helpful. It was for me as I … Continue reading

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Primal Air Travel

Just because you’re hopping on a steel tube with chairs inside to get to another part of the country after being groped by your government doesn’t mean you have to eat peanuts (legumes), cookies or pretzels served by your airline.  … Continue reading

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Primal Food for a Week

A friend e-mailed and asked for a week’s menu.  I thought you all would be interested in my response. Before I list the menu, some things to keep in mind: I eat very simply and don’t put a ton of … Continue reading

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Primal for 30 days. Give it a shot. Here’s how:

Some friends emailed me to ask about any tips for trying the Primal Challenge for a month.  I have turned my response into a blogpost. I hope you find it helpful. Send me any follow-up questions or comments. 1.  Truly … Continue reading

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Primal much more than diet

A friend recently contacted me and asked for a menu for a week’s worth of primal meals because she “want[s] the energy I have”.  Fact is, I do have a lot more energy after radically changing the way I eat.  … Continue reading

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Primal Racing – barefoot style

On Thanksgiving Day I ran the Atlanta half-marathon barefoot.  It was my barefoot first race and longest distance barefoot and an absolute blast. I’ve been inspired to take up barefoot running by Bob Ewing here at The Primal Challenge, the … Continue reading

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Primal Today

This post tops off my series on how I came to have an interest in and enjoy Primal living. You can find the previous posts here: Introductions Why Primal? Realizing I’m eating good tasting food that is bad for me. … Continue reading

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Introduced to Primal

So a couple years ago I had warmed to the idea that most of what I was ingesting was likely not good for me, shaped up my diet a bit. Then I even ran my own self-experiment to see if … Continue reading

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The 30-Day Health and Frugality Challenge

I’ve been writing a short series on my initial interests in a healthy lifestyle and how I got where I am today.  After being shown Weston A. Price materials, and being convinced I needed to adjust my diet, “Modern American … Continue reading

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You mean I’m eating potentially bad stuff?!

I have a coworker two years ago to thank in regards to opening my eyes about my diet.  I had never paid much attention to it before. I tried to eat “healthy”.  But there wasn’t much rhyme or reason to … Continue reading

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Why Primal?

Being an analytical person most everything in my life has a reason.  I try to be careful, and purposeful about virtually everything I put myself too.  This includes how I eat, sleep, and otherwise play.  To do something that is … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving! // Hard goals and soft goals

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving!  I trust you all have a safe, happy, and primal Holiday 🙂 This post isn’t Thanksgiving related at all…maybe it will be next year. Anyway, I wanted to tee off of a recent post by Chuck … Continue reading

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