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Mid-Week Links

The best new health blog, War on Insulin, asks Do Calories Matter? MovNat is featured in the Washington Post.  Clifton Harski comments, including this fantastic quote: “Fitness…really doesn’t mean shit to me without enjoyment, happiness, and health.” NYU held a … Continue reading

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Another dairy-free update

It is time for my update on the 30-day dairy-free challenge. As my primal eating has evolved, I have transitioned to a more minimalist diet, preparing simple meals with very few ingredients. This has become especially true over the winter months, … Continue reading

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Dairy-Free Challenge, Week 1 Update (Chuck)

I’ve been 100% dairy free for a full week so far. I don’t feel a difference in my energy levels, nor do I seem to be noticeably dropping any weight. It is only the first week, though, so I am not worried. … Continue reading

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No Weekend Challenges for the Next Month

There will be no weekend challenges for the next month. Instead, we invite you to participate in the 30 day Dairy-Free Challenge with us. If you don’t want to do the full 30 days, I encourage you to make it … Continue reading

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The myth of the eight-hour sleep

We’ve posted before on The Primal Challenge about getting enough sleep. Check out this BBC article on polyphasic sleep. How do you sleep? Monophasic? Biphasic? Polyphasic with 2 or 3 naps? Everyman? Uberman? Let us know in the comments.

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What’s the best 5.11 sport climb in the Mid-Atlantic, or DC, area?

It may still be February, but it’s DC and the climbing season is officially upon us.  The weather report for this weekend at Old Rag Mountain is 48 and sunny.   That’s good enough to get outside and pull down … Continue reading

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The Paleo Solution: Book Review

The book is fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the things that really helped my reading of it is that I had already listened to many of The Paleo Solution podcasts featuring Robb Wolf.  That was crucial for … Continue reading

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Dairy-free time

I finished the last of the Kerrygold butter last night and am ready to go dairy-free with Ben and Chuck. I’ve gone back and forth in the past with dairy, but seem to always come back to it because grass-fed butter … Continue reading

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Salmon, Broccoli, carrots, and springsteen tickets.

Salmon, Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, a jug of water and Springsteen tickets.  A great day!

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Please support my Penguin Plunge!

Please support my Penguin Plunge! I am jumping in the Hudson River on March 3 as part of the FEE (Foundation for Economic Education) plunge team. Plungers are raising money to benefit community events here in Irvington, NY. Please donate to … Continue reading

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30 Day Dairy-Free Challenge

Yesterday, I posted a weekend challenge about going dairy-free. I suggested that we start this weekend and go dairy-free for 10 days. Well, Ben Stafford upped the ante in the comments. He wrote, Chuck…must be telepathic or something…I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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Weekend (and following week) Challenge: Cut Out Dairy

I am going temporarily dairy-free, and I challenge you to join me. Since I’ve started with eating primally, I’ve always included moderate-to-high amounts of dairy (cheese, yogurt, kefir, cream, milk). I’ve never tried to cut it out of my diet, … Continue reading

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Friday’s Primal Success Story: Kristy Griner

Remember Dean Dwyer?  His blog Being Primal  recently featured a fantastic success story Q&A with a woman who decided go Primal – with ridiculously amazing results.  36 year old Kristy Griner went Primal and had an incredible transformation from a … Continue reading

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Primal saved my life

Not really… I just wanted a title that would pull you in. For the past three months I’ve been about 99% Primal and now adhere to it at 100%.  It didn’t take long at all to notice benefits.  Now that … Continue reading

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Review: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

A few nights ago, I watched a documentary entitled Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. It is about a man from Australia who finds himself very overweight and afflicted with a rare autoimmune condition, and finally decides to do something about it. … Continue reading

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