Change can be tough.

Whether it’s a new diet, a new exercise program, or just trying to commit to getting more sleep.   Thankfully, primal is pretty easy!   You don’t have to do anything too drastic, and the results tend to come so quick that you’ll be excited and inspired to keep going and improving.

First off, do a little bit of research.  Nothing intense.   The links on this site should be more than enough to get you started.  We offer beginners book recommendations here, and we have a list of Top Links to articles well worth checking out.

Do some reading, do some googling, and chat with some folks that are living primal.   If you don’t know anyone personally, then just ask one of us!   Or visit the communities listed in our blogroll.

Second, commit to giving primal a shot for 30 days.   Simply adhere to our 7 principles for one month.   Note that we subscribe to the 80-20 rule, so you don’t have to worry about drastically changing 100 percent overnight.

Third, figure out your starting point.   Know where you are, record it, and then come up with an ideal goal to work towards.   We describe this in more detail here.

That’s it!


3 Responses to GETTING STARTED

  1. T.O.M. says:

    OK Bob, How do I make a Post? How do I add a photo?

  2. T.O.M. says:

    This is GREAT! Nice Work! I just need to teach my old brain how to use it. (I’ll bet OLD Uncle Curt and OLD Uncle Steve will have the same issue.)

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