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Eating Cold Water Fish

Last week, while we were eating lunch at the FEE Summer Seminars, John Durant of pulled a can of sardines out of his backpack and began chowing away. When I looked a little surprised, he said, “We all need to … Continue reading

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Quick Breakfast: Ham and Egg Cups

I keep going back and forth about eating breakfast. For the past 6 months, I would skip breakfast at least 6 out of 7 days and keep my meals in a 7-8 hour window, fasting for 16-17 hours until lunch … Continue reading

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Managing Cravings With Primal Alternatives: Blueberry Muffins

To manage our carb cravings, Amanda and I decided to make some primal blueberry muffins made with almond meal. We used the recipe from The Cavewoman’s Kitchen. Sure, it has some honey and maple syrup, but if it keeps us … Continue reading

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Simple Dessert: Banana with Almond Butter and Cocoa Powder

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I ate like a vegan and didn’t know it

So today, I met a friend at Sticky Fingers in Columbia Heights for lunch, I ordered a grilled cheese, and unbeknownst to me it was a completely vegan dish! Everyone should check it out, here are the ingredients they have … Continue reading

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Try Something New: Brussels Sprouts

I am on a mini campaign to cook each week with unfamiliar vegetables. When I go to the grocery store, I look around for veggies I have never cooked with and buy them. Last week it was Brussels sprouts. I … Continue reading

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Of Curries and Fridge Clean-outs

Whenever I have a bunch of different kinds of vegetables left over in the fridge and I need to clean it out, I make some kind of curry. That is the great thing about curry–it doesn’t matter very much what … Continue reading

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Simple living

I recently eliminated a large stressor from my life. Faced with an urgent and unexpected move, I used the opportunity to evaluate some other things in life that caused me stress, and ended up eliminating those also. Although moving can … Continue reading

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Primal Food for a Week

A friend e-mailed and asked for a week’s menu.  I thought you all would be interested in my response. Before I list the menu, some things to keep in mind: I eat very simply and don’t put a ton of … Continue reading

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My $3 Paleo Dinner (with pictures)

Chuck posted a fun contest on Friday.  Bottom line: Make a primal dinner with meat and veggies for $3.00 or less per person. I read that and thought, great idea!  One of the common complaints about the diet is that … Continue reading

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Approx. $3.00 for a delicious meal: Pork Chops and Red Cabbage

[ Preface: I don’t buy the argument that it is a lot more expensive to eat primally. I just moved out on my own, so I have been watching my finances pretty closely, especially paying attention to how much I … Continue reading

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My Weekend Challenge Result: Cajun Salmon and Broccoli Rabe

Primal Challengers, In last weekend’s challenge, I told everyone to go out and cook something new. How did you do with it? On Saturday, I went to this amazing grocery store called Stew Leonard’s and got a lot of really good, … Continue reading

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One of my favorite Breakfasts.

Here is one of my favorite Primal Breakfasts.  I often mix up the specific ingredients, but the basic formula remains the same: 1 or 2 high omega-3 eggs; onions; coconut, olive, or walnut oil; and a bunch of veggies, whatever … Continue reading

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Paleo CrockPot

A few days ago I decided to use the crockpot I got from Amazon for the first time. I love to cook, but sometimes I just want to get home from work and relax. These are the most dangerous days … Continue reading

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Eggs Scrambled With Homemade Kimchi

After I read Scott Ewing’s post on trying kimchi, I decided to make some. I used Dr. Ben Kim’s recipe, minus the fish sauce. It is super east to make and pretty delicious. I suggest trying it out. I gave … Continue reading

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