Of Curries and Fridge Clean-outs

Whenever I have a bunch of different kinds of vegetables left over in the fridge and I need to clean it out, I make some kind of curry. That is the great thing about curry–it doesn’t matter very much what you put into it. I have used every kind of vegetable that has been in my fridge in a curry some time over the past year. For meat, I have used beef, chicken, turkey, and goat, all at different times.

Sometimes I use madras curry powder, other times I use yellow curry powder. Sometimes I use coconut milk, sometimes not.

This is one of the easiest primal dishes to make. Just cut everything up and simmer it for a while until it looks done. This is great for if you have a mix and match of vegetables you don’t know what to do with (perhaps left over from a CSA) or if you are traveling in a day or two and need to clean out your fridge (this is what prompted tonight’s curry).

Here are a few of the “I need to use up these vegetables and clean out my fridge” curries I’ve made recently:







About Chuck Grimmett

I am the product manager at Praxis, a startup that helps people launch their careers. When I’m not online, I prefer being outside and/or reading.
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