Simple living

I recently eliminated a large stressor from my life. Faced with an urgent and unexpected move, I used the opportunity to evaluate some other things in life that caused me stress, and ended up eliminating those also. Although moving can be stressful, it’s more of a healthy stress which involves short term, high adrenaline stress ( like a workout ). Moving also gave me the chance to take only what I needed for a simple life and a clean kitchen. Now that I’m feeling much less stressed out, I can see more clearly how unhealthy stress makes me want to eat “convenient” foods, and how easy it was to fall into the trap of the gluten-free products that are appearing in stores. Cooking can be theraputic, but it can also be stressful if you are feeding your family, or some carb-addicts. Here are 2 low cost, stress-free dinners I’ve been enjoying lately, that can also feed the masses.

Chicken Masala in a crockpot

Take whatever chicken parts you have (I used legs) and place in a crock pot with a large can of crushed tomatoes, a tablespoon or 2 of butter or olive oil, 1T minced garlic and 1/2 cup minced onion. Use the tomato can to fill the crock pot to covering the chicken if needed, or another small can of crushed tomatoes. If you have Garam Masala (an Indian spice that’s widely available ), add a tablespoon. Otherwise, add a shake each of cinnamon, cumin, tumeric, cardamom, cloves, bay leaves and/or ginger (the more you have, the more it tastes like “Masala”), salt and pepper. Put on low and go to work!If you’re so inclined (I was), add some vegetables (I had broccoli,  cauliflower and mushrooms) to the pot when you get home from work and let steam for 20-30 minutes. Dinner is ready.








Breakfast for Dinner!

I used to enjoy breakfast every morning, but now that I’m living alone and more simply, I’ve been delaying my meals well beyond breakfast and sometimes lunch too. Why not enjoy the eggs that I love for dinner?

Fry a few slices of uncured bacon in a pan. Chop up whatever leftover vegetables are in the fridge ( I had mushrooms, onion and bell peppers ). When the bacon is ready, remove it and add the veggies to the grease, sautéing for a few minutes. Whip up some eggs with a fork (plus a little cream if you’re on the dairy bandwagon) and add to the hot veggies in the pan. If it doesn’t flip: Voila, it’s delicious scrambled eggs! No pressure. I chopped the bacon and added it into the omelet, or you could add cheese or leave it be.



About chebridget

I love food! I love to cook, try new restaurants, read books about food, talk about food and throw dinner parties. I also enjoy jogging, hiking, camping and traveling. I work 9-5 in a cubicle, so it's important to me that I spend the rest of the day doing what I love, which is cooking, spending time outdoors with friends, and doing musical theatre in my community. Going primal is going to be a challenge for me due to my love of all things dessert, but I'm excited to see what new recipes I can come up with.
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8 Responses to Simple living

  1. Bob Ewing says:

    Excellent post! And thanks so much for the fantastic recipe ideas. Antonie and I may be moving in a couple months, and we’ll be sure to take your advice about using it as an opportunity to simplify. Thank you!

  2. curt ewing says:

    Thanks for the post! The Masala is one recipe i will definitely try..I love all those spices!

  3. steveewing49 says:

    Enjoyed your post, and esp the Masala recipe. Myself three days in paleo after several half hearted false starts (lifelong sugar addiction? yes, my hand is up!). Also noticed on the sidebar her some of the popular blogs, in particular one called “Wheat Belly”, and read enough excerpts from the book there to peak my interest in going cold turkey on the grains we’ve all been raised on. Fascinating info here! Thank you Bridget, and all who share on this site, who by their shared info have finally convinced me to turn my wheat riddled life around!!!

  4. Chuck Grimmett says:

    Thanks for sharing your recipes! I eat most of my breakfasts this way. I fry up sausage and veggies on Sunday and store them in the fridge. Just spoon them into a hot pan in the morning, add eggs for a quick, hot breakfast.
    I am looking forward to trying the Masala.
    Chuck Sr.

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  6. Eliminating chronic stressors is something I need to do, too. Like you found, stress pushes me to “convenient” foods. I need to get the stress out of my life and get back to cooking healthy meals!

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