Eggs Scrambled With Homemade Kimchi

After I read Scott Ewing’s post on trying kimchi, I decided to make some. I used Dr. Ben Kim’s recipe, minus the fish sauce. It is super east to make and pretty delicious. I suggest trying it out.

I gave one jar to my parents, one jar to my girlfriend Amanda’s parents (who lived in Korea for a few years), and I kept a jar:

I ate some of the kimchi plain as a side dish, and it was pretty tasty. I was looking for something else to do with it, though. A lot of recipes call for mixing it with rice, which just will not do for we followers of the Primal lifestyle. So, I decided to scramble it with some eggs.

The result:

It may not look like much in my low-quality cell phone photo, but it was delicious!

I drained a few forkfuls of kimchi, sauteed it for a minute in a hot pan, then turned the heat down and cracked in a few eggs and mixed it all up, letting the eggs cook until they were to my liking. Make sure your cook the kimchi first, or else your dish will have a salad-like consistency. That is no good, unless you like that sort of thing.

Next, I plan on throwing a bunch of kimchi, chicken, and various vegetables in the slow cooker for dinner. I will post a recipe when I decide to make it!

Head over to Mark’s Daily Apple to read his take on adding fermented foods to your diet.


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5 Responses to Eggs Scrambled With Homemade Kimchi

  1. Great kimchi recipe – I love that stuff. I started an 8 wk fitness challenge sponsored by my Crossfit gym, so I’m trying do a strict Paleo diet – well, give or take a few meals. The other day, I made Korean veggie pancakes but paleo-ized it a bit using almond flour rather than white flour. The kimchi would be a great component to the dish!

  2. zestybeandog says:

    I love Kimchi! I’ve never made my own but I’ve been to Korea and have tried serval varieties, I plan on trying to make some soon! I have some recipes on my blog (like Kimchi Fries) but I used store bought 🙂

  3. Tamara says:

    With making kimchi, it’s imperative that you pack each jar as tightly add you can and jam pack it to the top with kimchi to prevent the growth of bad bacteria and to promote the growth of good bacteria. Packing the jar tightly allows it to properly ferment. Trust me, I’m Korean! 🙂

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