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Paleo Research Project

Hey guys! It’s been a while but I’m back with my first post of the year. Paleo has been a big part of my life, but, as you know, it is difficult to be 100% paleo. There are many challenges … Continue reading

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Unfortunately, Diet Soda Makes You Fat

Think that diet soda helps you lose weight? Think again. Calories in, calories out is NOT the way our bodies work.  (Read Gary Taubes, Why We Get Fat). And diet soda proves this to be true. The following article does … Continue reading

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Stressed? It’s probably making you fat

I quit my job. My last day was Wednesday. And it feels great to be (temporarily) jobless. (No worries mom. I start my new job on Monday!) My old job made me angry, frustrated and sad. All the time. I … Continue reading

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In case you thought that Coke wasn’t that bad for you…

I think I’m going to stick with water.

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Your Chair is Killing You!

Several articles have come out recently talking about the dangers of sitting.  This one (long, but read until the end!) talks about famous old dead people who have had a standing desk and concludes with the health benefits from not sitting … Continue reading

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Do Calories Really Count? Paleo Diet or Not…

Original article can be found here. Losing weight would entail getting acquainted with the word “calorie.” By this time, you may have been informed that calorie is a sort of unit that is used to measure energy. It can be … Continue reading

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