In case you thought that Coke wasn’t that bad for you…

I think I’m going to stick with water.

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7 Responses to In case you thought that Coke wasn’t that bad for you…

  1. Bob Ewing says:

    Nice video! I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t have any soda at all during this one month challenge. It’s obviously not paleo, but has become a favorite cheat food for me. I’m proud to say that I haven’t had a single drop of soda all month. And it’s getting less appealing. I’m hopeful that by the end of the month, I’ll look at it like I now look at wonderbread: gross.

  2. I’m a big water fan. It surprises me how much Robb Wolfe downplays the importance of drinking water regularly throughout the day…

    It is definitely true that we confuse our thirst for hunger. Whenever the hunger hits me at those odd times I’ll usually go for a glass of water and it work’s amazingly well.

    Also, a lot of times I’ll get some weird headaches that are “miraculously” cured by drinking a few cups of water.

  3. Bob Ewing says:

    Good points Fernando. Where does Robb Wolf downplay water? I didn’t catch that and am eager to read what he says.

  4. Dan Alban says:

    Coke may not be the healthiest thing ever, but the fact that you can clean with it, etc. hardly makes it dangerous to consume. Water is the most common cleaning solvent in the world, and in fact will also “clean road haze from your windshield” and clean blood off the road. Vinegar is also a good cleaning product, and perfectly safe to consume. And most of these supposed “facts” about Coke are just urban legend. See I defy you to make a T-bone steak disappear by soaking in Coke for a couple days. Nor will Coke dissolve a nail:

    • Bob Ewing says:

      Dan, excellent points. Water does make a great cleaner, and the disappearing nail stuff just isn’t true, so these obviously aren’t good reasons to blackball soda. So here’s five good reasons:

      1. Soda makes us fat and keeps us fat. This is because soda => insulin => fat. When insulin is high, we accumulate fat in our fat tissue. (When it’s low, we burn it for fuel.) Insulin levels are mainly determined by the carbs we eat. The more carbs – especially liquid sugar – the more insulin.

      2. Liquid sugar forces our liver to metabolize the sugar quicker than if we consumed it in food form (soda versus apple), which over time leads to insulin resistance.

      3. As Gary Taubes pointed out recently in a NYT feature called “Is Sugar Toxic?” insulin resistance “is now considered the fundamental problem in obesity, and the underlying defect in heart disease and in the type of diabetes, type 2, that is common to obese and overweight individuals. It might also be the underlying defect in many cancers.”

      4. Soda has the added bonus of affecting bone density. Mark Sisson says that “The worst, and I mean worst thing you can do to your bones is to drink death-by-can.” The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that JUST ONE soda a day results in a 5-7 percent decrease in bone material.

      5. At best, soda is empty calories. No place in the primal world!

      BOTTOM LINE: It’d be hard to find a single better way to lose fat and improve health than eliminating soda from the diet.

  5. staffaction says:

    uh oh, but the latest Reader’s Digest warns that even our water is full of ‘poison’! Looks like I’m in the market for a filter now…

    btw – today first day I’m having a breadless “sandwich”

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