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Cravings and Coping

Today is day 4 of the 30-Day Re-Introduction Challenge. The cravings hit me this morning. I was fine Monday-Wednesday, but not today. I want to eat every piece of bread and candy I can find. But I won’t. I’m being … Continue reading

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Eating Cold Water Fish

Last week, while we were eating lunch at the FEE Summer Seminars, John Durant of pulled a can of sardines out of his backpack and began chowing away. When I looked a little surprised, he said, “We all need to … Continue reading

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Coffee Free Challenge Update

It’s been over a month since I posted the 30-Day Coffee-free Challenge, so it’s time for an update. Long story short, I failed miserably at my original goal of eliminating regular coffee altogether. I did not realize the extent of my … Continue reading

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Primal Success Story: Russ Roberts

I know a lot of folks here at The Primal Challenge are in libertarian circles, so I thought I’d report something cool. I was reading Cafe Hayek today, and I noticed that Russ Roberts of GMU, EconTalk, The Invisible Heart, … Continue reading

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Dairy-Free Challenge, Week 1 Update (Chuck)

I’ve been 100% dairy free for a full week so far. I don’t feel a difference in my energy levels, nor do I seem to be noticeably dropping any weight. It is only the first week, though, so I am not worried. … Continue reading

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Primal saved my life

Not really… I just wanted a title that would pull you in. For the past three months I’ve been about 99% Primal and now adhere to it at 100%.  It didn’t take long at all to notice benefits.  Now that … Continue reading

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Excuses, Excuses

I can make more and more excuses up as to why I have not done my part for the blog, but it is plain and simple. I have been busy.  Not busy in a “I have been working too much.” … Continue reading

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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

It is 2012!  Many people are ushering in the new year with resolutions. Are you? If you are, I have some tips for you on how you can beat the Standard American Statistics on keeping your resolution. (Of course, I’d love … Continue reading

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Intermittent Fasting

On Tuesday at 6 PM, I began my first (intentional) intermittent fast! It lasted roughly 22 hours and was, surprisingly, much easier than expected. Sleep takes up a large chunk of the time, especially since I am on winter break … Continue reading

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Primal Today

This post tops off my series on how I came to have an interest in and enjoy Primal living. You can find the previous posts here: Introductions Why Primal? Realizing I’m eating good tasting food that is bad for me. … Continue reading

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I came, I saw, I climbed. My Sunday post.

Today I had a great lunch with Bob and Antonie, followed by a few hours of climbing.  It was my first time and it was a blast.  I did pretty well for an amateur.  I missed last week due to … Continue reading

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Friday’s Primal Success Story: Dean Dwyer

Dean Dwyer is a “45 year old dude” with a degree in Physical and Health Education who started the blog Being Primal in May of this year. Over the years, Dean became frustrated with the weight loss industry and the … Continue reading

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Progress Update

I committed to the 30-day challenge on August 1 this year. I have been primal for almost four months, so it is time for a progress update. My first two weeks were tricky. I had intense carb cravings but didn’t … Continue reading

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Progress Update: Chuck Grimmett Sr.

The following is a progress update from my parents, who successfully completed their 30 day challenge on November 1. It was written by my Dad, Chuck Grimmett Sr. Great job, Mom and Dad! I am proud of you! My thirty … Continue reading

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When I first started doing pale, back in July, I thought it might have been a coincidence that my heartburn was gone. It’s not like I suffer of a bad case of heartburn, it’s just a bit uncomfortable. Every now … Continue reading

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