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30-Day Re-Introduction Challenge: Halfway There

Many of us are at least halfway through the 30-Day Re-Introduction Challenge, and it’s great to hear of everyone’s successes so far. My only slip-up came over the weekend when consuming a lethal amount of cheese at a work party. … Continue reading

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Restoring Balance to the Primal Universe

Happy New Year, everyone! There’s nothing like the New Year to get motivated for another year of Primal bliss. So get back on the wagon (or is it off the wagon?) and join us. Getting started is the hardest part. … Continue reading

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August Whole30 Challenge

Whole30 is putting on a challenge beginning today, August 1, to follow their program for 30 days. For those looking to get back on the straight and narrow, now is a great time. Read the rules and give it a … Continue reading

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More fish love

Following up on Chuck’s fish post, I just want to say I’m glad he brought up the importance of fish on this blog. Like Chuck, I have been eating it infrequently, maybe once per month at best, mostly because I am … Continue reading

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Paleo minimalism

There is something to be said about the minimalist movement: live with less clutter (both physical and mental), and focus on the important things. In the hustle of modern life, we often get bogged down by stress and resort to … Continue reading

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Tropical Traditions

A great Internet source for all types of organic foods, including coconut oil, is Tropical Traditions. I have yet to purchase anything from them because their prices are fairly high, but it was recently brought to my attention that they … Continue reading

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Coffee Free Challenge Update

It’s been over a month since I posted the 30-Day Coffee-free Challenge, so it’s time for an update. Long story short, I failed miserably at my original goal of eliminating regular coffee altogether. I did not realize the extent of my … Continue reading

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30-Day Coffee-free Challenge

In the spirit of treating your body as a temple, it’s time for a 30-day Coffee-free Challenge! But wait a minute, isn’t coffee perfectly acceptable for primal living? It can be, in moderation. But it also causes a host of … Continue reading

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Your body is a temple

I have been contemplating this phrase recently. Everything you put into your body affects you, and we should always be striving for optimum energy and health. We all have our off days and “cheats,” but just keep this phrase in … Continue reading

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Dairy Free Challenge: Final thoughts from Paleo Joe

The 30-day Dairy-Free challenge has ended. Here are some final thoughts: Much like Chuck, I did not notice any benefits to going dairy-free. I have reintroduced dairy to a much larger extent than I was consuming pre-challenge, and I am … Continue reading

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(99%) Dairy Free, Week 3, and Mindful eating

I have a small confession to make: In the three weeks since starting the dairy-free challenge, I cheated. Just once, though. In a moment of weakness, I ordered coffee with cream from Dunkin’ Donuts. Ahhhhh! DD cream is much less … Continue reading

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Another dairy-free update

It is time for my update on the 30-day dairy-free challenge. As my primal eating has evolved, I have transitioned to a more minimalist diet, preparing simple meals with very few ingredients. This has become especially true over the winter months, … Continue reading

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Dairy-free time

I finished the last of the Kerrygold butter last night and am ready to go dairy-free with Ben and Chuck. I’ve gone back and forth in the past with dairy, but seem to always come back to it because grass-fed butter … Continue reading

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Meal under $3

Here is my meal under $3: The Fast. Cost: $0. I know this is cheating, but I usually only eat once per day at dinner (a la the WarriorDiet), so most of my meals exceed $3. But if you allocate the cost … Continue reading

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Support your local farmer

Even though many of us are in the midst of a cold winter and farm activity has considerably diminished, indoor farmers’ markets such as this one in Cleveland provide relief for those seeking alternatives to factory-farmed mystery meat and overpriced fare … Continue reading

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