Support your local farmer

Even though many of us are in the midst of a cold winter and farm activity has considerably diminished, indoor farmers’ markets such as this one in Cleveland provide relief for those seeking alternatives to factory-farmed mystery meat and overpriced fare from Whole Paycheck. Nothing beats interacting with farmers who actually care about the quality of the food they sell.

The food I gathered at the farmers’ market yesterday:

  • Grass-fed chuck roast, 3.5 lbs
  • Grass-fed lamb shanks, 2 lbs
  • Grass-fed ground lamb, 1 lb
  • Nitrite-free bacon, .75 lbs
  • A dozen free-range eggs

This week's kill

Some good resources to support farmers:

  • Check out Local Harvest to see what’s in your neck of the woods, from farmers’ markets to CSA’s to restaurants.
  • Find a nearby pasture-raised farm at This is a great way to find high-quality meat in bulk. If you can afford to make a bulk purchase (and have the freezer space), the savings are well worth it.

Don’t miss out if these opportunities exist in your neighborhood!

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