Dairy Free Challenge: Final thoughts from Paleo Joe

The 30-day Dairy-Free challenge has ended. Here are some final thoughts:

  • Much like Chuck, I did not notice any benefits to going dairy-free.
  • I have reintroduced dairy to a much larger extent than I was consuming pre-challenge, and I am happy so far with the benefits (and delicious taste) of butter, heavy cream, sour cream (make sure to check the ingredients), and certain cheeses. I try to limit how much I have in stock at a time because I tend to overdo it.
  • While cheese is delicious, it is easy for me to overindulge. But it’s full of fat and protein and it tastes great, dammit!
  • If you would like to experiment with dairy, a good resource is the “keto” subreddit on reddit.com. They tend to use butter liberally and dump cheese on everything. (Note that some differences exist between primal and ketogenic diets, but many of the recipes and “food porn” shown on this subreddit can be easily adapted to the Primal Blueprint.)

If you wholeheartedly disagree with Chuck and me and have noticed vast improvements from eliminating dairy, we would love to hear from you! Maybe I am just having a quarter-life crisis and using dairy as a crutch for some deep-rooted personal issues. Joking aside, please share your dairy-free experiences in the comments.

Final note: I promise this post is not an April Fool’s Day joke.

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