Another dairy-free update

It is time for my update on the 30-day dairy-free challenge.

As my primal eating has evolved, I have transitioned to a more minimalist diet, preparing simple meals with very few ingredients. This has become especially true over the winter months, since I try to buy local, and very little is in season. I figured eliminating dairy would only be natural, to further simplify my diet. The end result has been substituting more coconut oil and the often-neglected jar of red palm oil in my cabinet. Red palm oil is difficult to find, but if you ever stumble across any, I would recommend it as another excellent source of fat. As for coconut oil, entire books have been written about the myriad benefits of this superfood.

Conclusion: Similar to Chuck, I am not sure if eliminating dairy has produced any health benefits, but with numerous other options for fat intake available, I plan to continue the 30-day challenge, and possibly make dairy-free a permanent dietary choice.

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6 Responses to Another dairy-free update

  1. Will be interesting to see how you feel after 30 days. I used to be a HUGE raw milk evangelist but after going Paleo and hearing Loren Cordain talk about dairy, I’m softening on it now.

    • paleojoe says:

      I’ve heard lots of good things about raw milk, but unfortunately it is illegal here in Ohio. I would definitely bend the “dairy-free” rules a little if I were to come across any! 🙂

      • Cass says:

        Get in touch directly with dairy farmers to get “illegal” raw milk 😉 Also, try it’s way better than vitacost IMO.

      • paleojoe says:

        Thanks for the tips, Cass! I used to be a big Mercola fan, but then he started rubbing me the wrong way as just a guy who uses scare tactics to expand his health empire. But that’s just me :-). I’m pretty happy with the Vitacost, especially for the price. I’ve only ever had Nutiva and Vitacost coconut oil and find them both quite delicious.

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