This site is dedicated to helping you do a primal challenge.   It’s based on 7 principles that we challenge you to apply for one month:

1. Spend time outside every day.
2. Watch at least one sunrise and one sunset.
3. Get lots of sleep.
4. Learn a little bit about health every day.
5. Get your basic measurements.
6. Follow the 80-20 rule.
7. Be a part of a healthy team.

We go into more detail in this post, and offer beginners book recommendations here.  We provide a bit of background on our What’s Primal? page.  Anyone is welcome to join our community.   Your thoughts, comments & suggestions are encouraged!

Contact info for site administrators:
Bob Ewing: bobewing@gmail.com; @DCBarefootRun
Scott Ewing: scottalanewing@gmail.com; @scewing
Antonie Hodge: einotna@gmail.com


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  5. davidisfat says:

    Good to find you guys on here. I went primal March 7 and feel great.. I remember during my first month I had the weirdest dreams; how about you guys? I think I was detoxing through my subconsciousness…hahhaha…anyway congrats on one month primal.

    Good luck in good health,

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  14. Bladen Baird says:

    A primal exercise regime? I’d love to do a guest post for you guys! This is a great page…

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