30+ FOR 30: We Have an Army of 30+ Doing Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge

The Primal Challenge is proud to announce that we have an Army of 30+ people participating in Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint 30 Day Challenge:  over 30 for 30!

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We’re a diverse group:  men and women, young and old, short and tall, fat and thin, single and married, liberal and conservative, independent and libertarian . . . we even have a vegetarian! We’re spread out all across the country.  And yet for all our differences, we are united in our commitment to live primal and get into the best shape of our lives.

We started The Primal Challenge on July 1 of this year, two and a half months ago, and have already topped 20,000 views.  We’re up to an army of 32, and we look forward to growing and helping ourselves and others to live healthy, happy, and free of disease.

Our site is based on 7 principles that we challenge you to apply for one month:

1. Spend time outside every day.
2. Watch at least one sunrise and one sunset.
3. Get lots of sleep.
4. Learn a little bit about health every day.
5. Get your basic measurements.
6. Follow the 80-20 rule.
7. Be a part of a healthy team.

We go into more detail in this post, and offer beginners book recommendations here.  We provide a bit of background on our What’s Primal? page.  Anyone is welcome to join our community.   Your thoughts, comments & suggestions are encouraged!

Of course, we’d love for you to join us!   Please consider subscribing to our blog and joining us in taking The Primal Challenge.

The Current Primal Challenge Crew:

Brian Blankenberg
Cord Blomquist
Mike Callahan ~ a self-portrait
Bridget Chebo
Mary Csuri
Ashley Daly
Corin Daly
Scott Dworkin
Angela Erickson
Bob Ewing
Curt Ewing
Dan Ewing
Fran Ewing
John Ewing
Scott Ewing
Steve Ewing
Fernando Ferriera
Will Freeland
Chuck Grimmitt
Antonie Hodge
Rachel Kania   ~ she swears that it’s water in her pepsi cup! 🙂
Rich Kern
Daniel Lakemacher 
Liya P
Scott Price
Jeff Rowes
Matt Schoch
Andy Soell
January Soell
Ben Stafford
Joe Teets
Toban Wiebe

Bob Ewing


About Bob Ewing

On twitter @DCBarefootRun. Media guy for libertarian law firm by day, primal/paleo (rocking climbing, BJJ, barefooter) by, well, lunchtime... https://theprimalchallenge.wordpress.com/ http://DCBarefootRun.com
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6 Responses to 30+ FOR 30: We Have an Army of 30+ Doing Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge

  1. Brian says:

    Great group Bob! Loving some of these names….GOOD LUCK to everyone participating!

  2. davidisfat says:

    Great work on spreading the word. You guys are truly amazing.


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