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Weekend Challenge: Unplug for a Day

This weekend, I challenge you to unplug for 24 hours. Don’t check your phone, your email, don’t turn on the TV, and don’t surf the web. Instead, get outside to play, think, read a physical book that has been sitting … Continue reading

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Battling Stress and Sharpening Focus: Unplugging

Part of the primal lifestyle is managing stress in order to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. Here is one way I’ve been combating stress recently. I hope it helps! -Chuck — The last week of June and the first … Continue reading

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A Review of Whole9’s Foundations’s of Nutrition workshop

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a Whole9 workshop led by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, “Foundations of Nutrition.”  It was only halfway through the day when I thought, “wow, this was time and money well spent.”  The workshop was … Continue reading

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More fish love

Following up on Chuck’s fish post, I just want to say I’m glad he brought up the importance of fish on this blog. Like Chuck, I have been eating it infrequently, maybe once per month at best, mostly because I am … Continue reading

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Eating Cold Water Fish

Last week, while we were eating lunch at the FEE Summer Seminars, John Durant of pulled a can of sardines out of his backpack and began chowing away. When I looked a little surprised, he said, “We all need to … Continue reading

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Weekend Link Roundup

It’s not just how many calories, but what kind, study finds – Kudos to the LA Times for printing this article that challenges the “calories in, calories out” idea. From the article: “the subjects burned more than 300 additional calories on average … Continue reading

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Simple Snacks

Snacking can be difficult any time of the year for those of us trying to live the primal lifestyle. Summer is especially tricky, though, with ice cream, popsicles, and frappucinos on every corner. Fortunately for us, fresh local fruit is in … Continue reading

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