Weekend Challenge: Unplug for a Day

This weekend, I challenge you to unplug for 24 hours. Don’t check your phone, your email, don’t turn on the TV, and don’t surf the web.

Instead, get outside to play, think, read a physical book that has been sitting on your shelf for a while, spend some time with the people you love, spend some alone time with your significant other, write someone a letter, or go out and explore.

Take note of how much more you notice when your head isn’t buried in a phone or behind a computer screen. (You don’t want to look like these people, do you?)

When you come back on the grid, drop by and leave a comment about your experience. Did your stress levels drop? Were you more focused on the things that matter? What did you do?

About Chuck Grimmett

Web consultant, photographer, and problem solver. I also cook a lot and am learning to make data visualizations.
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