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Paleo minimalism

There is something to be said about the minimalist movement: live with less clutter (both physical and mental), and focus on the important things. In the hustle of modern life, we often get bogged down by stress and resort to … Continue reading

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When was the last time you watched the sun rise?

Only when I get up early do I realize how much time I actually have in a day.

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Quick Breakfast: Ham and Egg Cups

I keep going back and forth about eating breakfast. For the past 6 months, I would skip breakfast at least 6 out of 7 days and keep my meals in a 7-8 hour window, fasting for 16-17 hours until lunch … Continue reading

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Morning Links

Mother Jones publishes The American Diet in One Chart: A medical ethicist writes at CNN: “People should be free to make their own choices, from the clinical trials they join to the food and drink they consume, without duress and unmolested by … Continue reading

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New Reading Material

Number 4 on the list of 7 principles that we challenge people to do for a month is “Learn a little bit about health every day.” In the spirit of education, I just picked up “It Starts With Food” by … Continue reading

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Tropical Traditions

A great Internet source for all types of organic foods, including coconut oil, is Tropical Traditions. I have yet to purchase anything from them because their prices are fairly high, but it was recently brought to my attention that they … Continue reading

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7 Day Challenge – Log Your Food

Inspired by Bridget’s recent post, I began logging my food a few days ago. This has been a useful tool in keeping me on track with staying primal during these cravings. Since there seems to be a few of us … Continue reading

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Managing Cravings With Primal Alternatives: Blueberry Muffins

To manage our carb cravings, Amanda and I decided to make some primal blueberry muffins made with almond meal. We used the recipe from The Cavewoman’s Kitchen. Sure, it has some honey and maple syrup, but if it keeps us … Continue reading

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Caveman Blogger Fights for Free Speech and Internet Freedom

Bob Ewing, founder of this blog, is spearheading a fantastic effort over at IJ to protect free speech and internet freedom. Why is it relevant for this blog? IJ is teaming up with paleo blogger Steve Cooksey. Check out the … Continue reading

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Morning Links

The always-worth-reading Gary Taubes is back in the NYT, this time rescuing salt. Slate magazine argues that humans are pathetic at every physical challenge except one, in a provocatively titled piece, All Men Can’t Jump: Why nearly every sport except long-distance running … Continue reading

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Hitting the Wall

Feeling vibrant, energetic, motivated, present and happy are a lot of what keep me going in life. I would consider these to be the building blocks of a happy me. Sunday was a perfect day to experience each of these … Continue reading

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Simple Dessert: Banana with Almond Butter and Cocoa Powder

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I’m still Here

Similar to Chuck, I’ve been battling cravings and temptations but trying to stay in the real food realm. I did 7 days 100% grain, sugar (added), caffeine and alcohol free in May, and have been keeping a journal of my … Continue reading

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Coffee Free Challenge Update

It’s been over a month since I posted the 30-Day Coffee-free Challenge, so it’s time for an update. Long story short, I failed miserably at my original goal of eliminating regular coffee altogether. I did not realize the extent of my … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Exercise: Hiking

Amanda and I went on a 4 mile hike yesterday for some good exercise, sun, and time outside. We explored the Laurel Ridge Trail around the Buford Dam area of Lake Lanier. It was a beautiful day. Here are two … Continue reading

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