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Happy Darwin Day!


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Supercharge your morning coffee while staying paleo/primal

Are you a big coffee drinker?  Are you dreading the fact that you can’t use sugar and cream for your upcoming (or current) paleo challenge?  I have the solution for you, and it’s bulletproof. A few weeks ago, I did … Continue reading

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Primal Posting

Still going strong on day 8. The thing I’ve embraced the most has been getting outdoors. I’ve been running to and from work, getting outside during lunch, and going to outdoor events. Tonight I had a drink (not paleo, but … Continue reading

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Sorry I’ve been so fickle on here for the past few months! College life makes it extremely hard to live primally (for me at least), but since I’ve been home and doing 80-20, I’ve felt so much clearer. I’ve lost … Continue reading

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If at first you don’t succeed…

Hey all, I started the 30 day challenge a couple years ago, and fizzled out after about 2 weeks. I just started a new job, and had some other recent shifts in my life, so I figure now is a … Continue reading

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30-Day Re-Introduction Challenge: Halfway There

Many of us are at least halfway through the 30-Day Re-Introduction Challenge, and it’s great to hear of everyone’s successes so far. My only slip-up came over the weekend when consuming a lethal amount of cheese at a work party. … Continue reading

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Day 4

Phew. Glad to have powered through the past few days! I was craving diet coke like crazy yesterday afternoon and literally had to text a friend to dissuade me. It worked! I’ve avoided gluten all together. Bread hasn’t appealed to … Continue reading

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Greetings! After taking the primal challenge last year, I decided with Chuck and Jacob to take it again. It bred great results previously and I’m anxious to get started. I expect some drawbacks considering the lack of variety of pale-type … Continue reading

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Go Camping!

First, I want to admit it’s been so long since I’ve logged in that I forgot my password. Second, I’ll cover my tail by claiming that it’s because I’ve been too busy enjoying the outdoors to keep up with this … Continue reading

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Paleo minimalism

There is something to be said about the minimalist movement: live with less clutter (both physical and mental), and focus on the important things. In the hustle of modern life, we often get bogged down by stress and resort to … Continue reading

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Hitting the Wall

Feeling vibrant, energetic, motivated, present and happy are a lot of what keep me going in life. I would consider these to be the building blocks of a happy me. Sunday was a perfect day to experience each of these … Continue reading

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I’m still Here

Similar to Chuck, I’ve been battling cravings and temptations but trying to stay in the real food realm. I did 7 days 100% grain, sugar (added), caffeine and alcohol free in May, and have been keeping a journal of my … Continue reading

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5 so-called health foods you should avoid

A great read from the WaPo. By Katherine Tallmadge Eating healthy can be harder than you think, thanks to an enterprising food industry that wants us to consume more than we need. That’s because our country’s agricultural system produces twice … Continue reading

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$3 Dinner Contest Still Open

Just an update: The $3 dinner contest is going to stay open an extra week. Please enter! This is a fun contest meant to build your thrift and cooking skills. Make a primal dinner with meat and veggies for $3.00 or … Continue reading

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The Quest for Perfect Bacon

A Google search for “perfect bacon” will yield countless results on how to prepare the perfect bacon. Almost all involve using the oven. I used to pan-fry my bacon for speed and convenience, but the oven has proven to be … Continue reading

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