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Meal under $3

Here is my meal under $3: The Fast. Cost: $0. I know this is cheating, but I usually only eat once per day at dinner (a la the WarriorDiet), so most of my meals exceed $3. But if you allocate the cost … Continue reading

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$3 Dinner Contest – Pulled Pork w/Guacamole

When it comes to maximizing Primal calories per dollar here in Chicago, you can’t beat shopping at your local hispanic market.  They focus almost exclusively on meat and produce, and their prices are a fraction of the cost of the … Continue reading

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Support your local farmer

Even though many of us are in the midst of a cold winter and farm activity has considerably diminished, indoor farmers’ markets such as this one in Cleveland provide relief for those seeking alternatives to factory-farmed mystery meat and overpriced fare … Continue reading

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Primal Food for a Week

A friend e-mailed and asked for a week’s menu.  I thought you all would be interested in my response. Before I list the menu, some things to keep in mind: I eat very simply and don’t put a ton of … Continue reading

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$3 Dinner Contest Still Open

Just an update: The $3 dinner contest is going to stay open an extra week. Please enter! This is a fun contest meant to build your thrift and cooking skills. Make a primal dinner with meat and veggies for $3.00 or … Continue reading

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My $3 Paleo Dinner (with pictures)

Chuck posted a fun contest on Friday.  Bottom line: Make a primal dinner with meat and veggies for $3.00 or less per person. I read that and thought, great idea!  One of the common complaints about the diet is that … Continue reading

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The Quest for Perfect Bacon

A Google search for “perfect bacon” will yield countless results on how to prepare the perfect bacon. Almost all involve using the oven. I used to pan-fry my bacon for speed and convenience, but the oven has proven to be … Continue reading

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[Contest!] Weekend Challenge: Make a $3.00 or Under Dinner

This weekend, we are going to have a contest. I will personally buy and send the winner a pack of Caveman Cookies, winner chooses the flavor. Given my last post, I thought this would be a cool contest. Make a … Continue reading

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Approx. $3.00 for a delicious meal: Pork Chops and Red Cabbage

[ Preface: I don’t buy the argument that it is a lot more expensive to eat primally. I just moved out on my own, so I have been watching my finances pretty closely, especially paying attention to how much I … Continue reading

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Primal for 30 days. Give it a shot. Here’s how:

Some friends emailed me to ask about any tips for trying the Primal Challenge for a month.  I have turned my response into a blogpost. I hope you find it helpful. Send me any follow-up questions or comments. 1.  Truly … Continue reading

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Interesting Article: The Culinary Impact of the 1964 World’s Fair

The Culinary Impact of the 1964 World’s Fair The fast food machine was thrown off-balance once. Can we do it again?

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Zombies will get you!

If you are a fan of the television show The Walking Dead  then you may be a BIG fan of something I saw this weekend from a friend.  It’s a 5k run where you have people that play the role … Continue reading

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Weekend Challenge: Educate Yourself, Podcast Edition

We could all stand to know a little more of the science behind primal/paleo. Enter Robb Wolf, former research biochemist is the New York Times Best Selling author of The Paleo Solution – The Original Human Diet.  Wolf does excellent weekly podcasts, … Continue reading

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Primal much more than diet

A friend recently contacted me and asked for a menu for a week’s worth of primal meals because she “want[s] the energy I have”.  Fact is, I do have a lot more energy after radically changing the way I eat.  … Continue reading

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My Weekend Challenge Result: Cajun Salmon and Broccoli Rabe

Primal Challengers, In last weekend’s challenge, I told everyone to go out and cook something new. How did you do with it? On Saturday, I went to this amazing grocery store called Stew Leonard’s and got a lot of really good, … Continue reading

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