A Review of Whole9’s Foundations’s of Nutrition workshop

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a Whole9 workshop led by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, “Foundations of Nutrition.”  It was only halfway through the day when I thought, “wow, this was time and money well spent.”  The workshop was superb.

The first time I heard of Dallas and Melissa and the Whole9 was when they were featured on one of the first Robb Wolf Paleo Solution podcasts a couple years back (though I just heard it a few months ago).  They fill a much needed niche in the whole paleo world – winsomely urging strict adherance to healthy nutrition.  Why is this important?  Others won’t be convinced to give paleo a shot without winsome persuasiveness. Dallas and Melissa focus on the positives and not the negatives (“eat nutrient dense food” vs. (don’t eat grains”).  And ultimately if one keeps “cheating”, eating paleo won’t do much for them as the body will still be suffering chronic inflammation (among other ills) due to the continued cheats.

The workshop was an all day event from 9 – 5, with an hour lunch break.  For lunch they hosted a paleo caterer. Way to go!  Boy, was it delicious.  They opened by explaining that nutrition is the foundation and most important component of health. And while there are certainly other important aspects of life to get under control they are secondary.

They tagged team well together explaining the four criteria for good food, then moved on to which foods pass and fail those criteria. This was all very fascinating.  Frankly, they make it all easy understand and take in when they start with the reasoning, then move on to the conclusions, instead of giving the conclusions first.

Why would I recommend attending if they are ever in your area?
1. You get to hear from them in person, which is quite different and can be more personalized and beneficial than simply a book or website.
2. You will learn a lot about health and nutrition, especially if you are an auditory learner.
3. You will be challenged to start the Whole30 program (30 days of eating nutrient dense food).
4. You will be given a shopping guide, and other very useful materials to make nutrition a reality in your life.
5. You will meet others from your area who are also interested in starting or continuing these healthy habits.

I couldn’t give this workshop a higher recommendation. Given the time they work with Dallas and Melissa do a slam dunk at explaining the fundamentals winsomely.

My only suggestions for change in the future would be that they try to leave some time at the end to talk about some common problems people run into with paleo, like the food gets boring after awhile or what to do while traveling or eating out.


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If I ever write a memoirs it will be called "From Podunk to Poland to Pakistan"...so says a good friend of mine anyway. I'm from a small town in Michigan and enjoy world travel. I'm a Christian, advocate for liberty, enjoy real food, and barefoot runs. I studied economics and now work full time for a missions organization as a link between US churches and overseas schools and churches, serving indigenous pastors by discipling and teaching them so they can teach others.
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