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30-Day Re-Introduction Challenge: Halfway There

Many of us are at least halfway through the 30-Day Re-Introduction Challenge, and it’s great to hear of everyone’s successes so far. My only slip-up came over the weekend when consuming a lethal amount of cheese at a work party. … Continue reading

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Restoring Balance to the Primal Universe

Happy New Year, everyone! There’s nothing like the New Year to get motivated for another year of Primal bliss. So get back on the wagon (or is it off the wagon?) and join us. Getting started is the hardest part. … Continue reading

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Next week starts week 2 of the 30-Day Re-Introduction Challenge. This week, in addition to everything we did last week, we will cut out refined sugar entirely and put away our bottles of cognac. Depending on how long you’ve been off … Continue reading

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Day 4

Phew. Glad to have powered through the past few days! I was craving diet coke like crazy yesterday afternoon and literally had to text a friend to dissuade me. It worked! I’ve avoided gluten all together. Bread hasn’t appealed to … Continue reading

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Cravings and Coping

Today is day 4 of the 30-Day Re-Introduction Challenge. The cravings hit me this morning. I was fine Monday-Wednesday, but not today. I want to eat every piece of bread and candy I can find. But I won’t. I’m being … Continue reading

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Greetings! After taking the primal challenge last year, I decided with Chuck and Jacob to take it again. It bred great results previously and I’m anxious to get started. I expect some drawbacks considering the lack of variety of pale-type … Continue reading

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30-Day Re-Introduction Challenge

Hello! It has been a while, modern-day cavefriends! The last 4 months have taken a toll on me. I haven’t stayed primal and I can tell. My indigestion is back, I don’t have as much energy as I did when … Continue reading

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