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Weekend Challenge: New Year’s Encouragement

This weekend, while you are at New Year’s Eve parties sipping red wine, take a second to tell someone about the benefits you’ve received from going primal in 2011. Also, take a minute to encourage others who struggle with the … Continue reading

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Intermittent Fasting

On Tuesday at 6 PM, I began my first (intentional) intermittent fast! It lasted roughly 22 hours and was, surprisingly, much easier than expected. Sleep takes up a large chunk of the time, especially since I am on winter break … Continue reading

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Primal Today

This post tops off my series on how I came to have an interest in and enjoy Primal living. You can find the previous posts here: Introductions Why Primal? Realizing I’m eating good tasting food that is bad for me. … Continue reading

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Antonie’s 30th Birthday Video

As you may know, Antonie just turned 30 years old.  Many of you were kind enough to participate in her birthday video.   To all who joined in, thanks so much!   We really appreciate it. I divided the video … Continue reading

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After some rough experiences with certain carbohydrates during cross country season, my coach believed that I may have a gluten intolerance. I always seemed to feel more energetic, lighter, and generally happier before having grains. I did some research about … Continue reading

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Caveman Cookies

I am on vacation in Georgia this weekend, visiting my family for Christmas, so this will be a short post. One of my Christmas gifts this year was a sampler pack of Caveman Cookies. I hadn’t heard of these cookies … Continue reading

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Primal in 2012

Christmas has come and passed, and the new year is around the corner. What better time than now to get serious and get primal? I started this lifestyle as a New Year’s Resolution for 2011, and it was the best … Continue reading

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Weekend Challenge: Christmas Edition

This weekend’s challenge is to indulge intelligently and spend time with the ones you hold dear. It is unrealistic to ask people to give up Christmas goodies this season, so I suggest that you only eat the ones you like … Continue reading

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Introduced to Primal

So a couple years ago I had warmed to the idea that most of what I was ingesting was likely not good for me, shaped up my diet a bit. Then I even ran my own self-experiment to see if … Continue reading

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Pork Roast, Cabbage with Bacon, and Cumin Roasted Carrots

Tonight’s dinner: Pork Roast, Cabbage with Bacon, and Cumin Roasted Carrots This recipe is incredibly easy to make. Put garlic, pepper, salt, and paprika on a pork roast and put it in the oven with sauerkraut on 350 for 2.5 hours. Next, mix … Continue reading

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just a reminder: my sunday post (from yesterday)

I just wanted to remind everyone that when you travel internationally ice is also water…

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Weekend Challenge: Lift Heavy Things

This weekend, get out and lift heavy things. Squat down to lift them up, then raise them as high as you can as many times as you can. Build some muscle. Carry the weight for a little while. My plan: … Continue reading

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The 30-Day Health and Frugality Challenge

I’ve been writing a short series on my initial interests in a healthy lifestyle and how I got where I am today.  After being shown Weston A. Price materials, and being convinced I needed to adjust my diet, “Modern American … Continue reading

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Struggling to keep up

It’s been hard for me to keep up with my diet around the holidays festivities. Right now I am probably 50-50, which is nowhere near where I would like to be. I’ve been having a specially hard time motivating myself … Continue reading

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Primal Gift Ideas

Trying to think of gift ideas for the cave-dweller in your life? Here are a few ideas that mix modern technology with stone-aged food and fitness that your primal friends are sure to love. Kitchen Julienne Peeler I love using … Continue reading

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