Paleo minimalism

There is something to be said about the minimalist movement: live with less clutter (both physical and mental), and focus on the important things. In the hustle of modern life, we often get bogged down by stress and resort to mindless consumerism and vices that detract from our ability as humans to contribute our talents to the world.

What does this have to do with the Paleo movement and the Primal Challenge, you ask? Much like Bridget’s Simple living post, minimalism in the Paleo lifestyle allows us to focus on what’s important, much like our ancestors. Did they have aisles upon aisles of grocery store food from which to choose? No, they had wild plants and animals. Did they have shopping malls loaded with modern conveniences and pointless accessories? No, they had Mother Nature and its beauty. Did they have electronic gadgets to distract them? No, they had real relationships and community.

Minimalism is an all-encompassing lifestyle that fits logically with Paleo living: eat less frequently with fewer ingredients, embrace Nature, and strengthen relationships with others.

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One Response to Paleo minimalism

  1. Good post, Joe.

    In the spirit of minimalism, I moved down to Atlanta for the summer with only one suitcase of cloths and one suitcase of tech gear, most of which is owned by my employer and needed for my job. I did find a furnished apartment, but it isn’t lavish. I have a small table, a couch, bed, small dresser, basic kitchen stuff, and appliances. My apartment is very uncluttered, and I haven’t missed anything I’ve left in NY or Ohio, with the exception of my books. When I go back, I plan on selling off most of that stuff. (Within reason– winter cloths, tools, and books will stay, but likely be thinned down. Gadgets, unused sporting equipment, and other accumulated knick knacks, etc. will be sold off.)

    I find that some of my most fulfilling meals are very simple, too. Recently, I had two high quality sausages that I cooked (plain), raw peppers, and raw mushrooms for dinner. Simple and delicious.

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