(99%) Dairy Free, Week 3, and Mindful eating

I have a small confession to make: In the three weeks since starting the dairy-free challenge, I cheated. Just once, though. In a moment of weakness, I ordered coffee with cream from Dunkin’ Donuts. Ahhhhh! DD cream is much less offensive than other restaurants (they use real light cream), which is my poor rationale for getting it. Now on with the update.

I am sincerely beginning to think that eliminating dairy has reduced a lot of unnecessary hunger pangs and occasional stomach cramps I used to have. Dairy is a good source of fat, which is great for satiety, but I find that other sources such as coconut oil and animal fats work better at keeping me feeling nourished. And that’s the reason for eating, right?

On a similar note, I have been practicing mindful eating. As a result, I am better able to eat when hungry and stop when full. Anything more is wasteful to ourselves and the planet. Take a minute to read the principles and incorporate into your life!

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2 Responses to (99%) Dairy Free, Week 3, and Mindful eating

  1. Teri says:

    Well, so far I have kept to 100% dairy free since the beginning of the challenge. I am seeing for the most part that my digestion is good except when I have ingested too much carbohydrates (honey and fruits to be more specific) all at one time…then I pay for it! Too much sugar in one sitting would aggravate my IBS so I need to be careful to not do that while trying to add calories. My skin is clearing up somewhat with still some mild breakouts and psoriasis flareups. I am beginning to wonder if the skin conditions could possibly be caused more from hormonal imbalances or something instead of just the diet. I still find it difficult to gain more weight and to maintain it even with increase of calories and strength training. It is a challenge for me to find more ways to add more fat to my diet than what I have included (presently, I am using olive oil, coconut oil, animal fats, ghee, and nuts). I believe that this is a challenge for me since I liked using cheese, yogurt, ice cream and butter to add more calories to my daily intake. Hope everyone is continuing to be doing well and taking care as we are finishing up the last week of the dairy free challenge!

    • paleojoe says:

      Thanks for the update, and great job staying 100% dairy-free! You have much better will power than I do; I cheated again yesterday with cream, but I promise it’s the last time.

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