Paleo Research Project

Hey guys! It’s been a while but I’m back with my first post of the year.

Paleo has been a big part of my life, but, as you know, it is difficult to be 100% paleo. There are many challenges to overcome, but one that stands out to me is the availability and types of information that shape our food choices.

Some of my friends and I are researching the paleo community’s preferences. If you could take a few minutes to fill out this (brief!) survey I would really appreciate it.

Thank you so much!

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8 Responses to Paleo Research Project

  1. Bob Ewing says:

    Great survey. I took it and posted on facebook. Please do keep us posted on this.

  2. Chuck Grimmett says:


  3. davidisfat says:

    Hi Antonie,

    I just completed your survey, but I had a problem with the final 2 questions. I’ve been out of school for some number of years, so I’m not really familiar with what the options for school lunches are nowadays. I made a bold assumption and checked the not satisfactory buttons for both, simply because I doubt government-provided dietary options will every be satisfactory. But a “don’t know” option would’ve been more appropriate or accurate.


  4. Thanks for the feed back Dave! I’ll look into making that an option.

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