Primal Posting

Primal Posting

Still going strong on day 8. The thing I’ve embraced the most has been getting outdoors. I’ve been running to and from work, getting outside during lunch, and going to outdoor events. Tonight I had a drink (not paleo, but just one) on the waterfront in Long Island City, then I laid in McCarren park with my friend Scott as the sun set, and I’m posting from the park now.

One of my new coworkers is a crossfit and paleo fanatic, so with her influence, I really think the challenge will be a breeze this time around. I’ve been eating right, and being active.

I still haven’t done my measurements and taken pictures…I’ll wait til bobby the voyeur asks to see them 😉

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  1. Go Donno! Bob is desperate for the pictures. He is just shy.

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