CONSIDER LENT: I’m giving up clutter

It’s probably been more than a quarter century since I’ve participated in Lent, but I’m in for this year.  And though I’m late to the punch, I’m hoping you’ll consider joining me.

Seeing the many folks on Wednesday with ash on their foreheads brought me back to childhood.  We were raised Catholic, so I’m well aware that Lent is when you wait a painfully long time for a big basket of sugary rabbit-shaped treats — and also a time to fast, or give something up, for the several weeks leading to Easter.

I keep thinking that this is a great tool to help me stay on track, to recommit to goals I set during the New Year.  So I’ve decided to return to my roots and participate in Lent once again.  I’m going to give up something simple, yet difficult: clutter.

I’m breaking this down into three categories: physical, mental, and organizational.  Perhaps it’s a stretch, but bear with me:

PHYSICAL: I mean the clutter I put into my body that makes it operate sub-optimally.  Primarily alcohol, tobacco, and sugar.  One of my main goals for the year is to be under 10 percent body fat for our Yosemite climbing trip this summer. Right now I’m on day 13 of a ketogenic diet (including at least two fast days a week), and I’m committing now to continuing this through Lent.  Basically I’m shooting for ketosis till Easter, freeing my body from the clutter of toxins and carbs that regularly throw me off track, and I’m cleansing everything out twice a week by fasting.  On my fast days I’ll consume between 0 and 500 calories, no more.

MENTAL: I mean clearing my mind of clutter through a daily meditation. One of my main goals for the year is 5000 minutes of meditation in 2014, and I’m not on pace.  Committing to a daily sit from now to Easter will get me back on track.

ORGANIZATIONAL: I mean fully incorporating the Getting Things Done (GTD) model into my life. One of my main professional goals this year is to exceed expectations at my new job, and that will require me being more organized than I’ve ever been. GTD is a world-famous method to help you clear your mind and focus, and organize all your thoughts, papers, emails, and stuff. In doing so, you Get Things Done. By Easter I’ll re-read the classic Getting Things Done, I’ll connect my emails, computers, and phone to Evernote, and I’ll achieve inbox zero. Cool enough, I’ll be attending a GTD workshop on April 17, right before Easter.

To clarify, these are my Lent goals — from now until April 20:
1. Eat ketogenic every day.
2. Consume no alcohol or tobacco.
3. Fast at least twice a week.
4. Meditate every day.
5. Fully incorporate GTD into my life.

I’ll elaborate more on each of these points soon.  And as this is a work in progress, I’d love to hear any thoughts or suggestions you have.  Of course, it’d be great to have your support.  Even better, join me!  Let me know if you’re interested in doing any or all of these with me for the rest of lent, or even for a few days or a week.  Thanks!


About Bob Ewing

On twitter @DCBarefootRun. Media guy for libertarian law firm by day, primal/paleo (rocking climbing, BJJ, barefooter) by, well, lunchtime...
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