I play outside!

On marksdailyapple.com I found this Workout of the Week (WOW):


I would normally take my kids to the gym and leave them in a germ-infested room with a bunch of strangers for over an hour, so I thought this would be a good change for them and for me. My one modification to the exercise was that I did most of it with a 23 lb. baby on my shoulders.

It was so much fun! Harper held her arms out like she was flying on the way up the hill and would nearly poke my eyes out holding on for dear life as I ran down the hill, but she was laughing hysterically the entire time. Jack laughed too as he followed us up and down the hill, and he even tried to do the crawls with me. I have no idea if I did it 10 times or not, but I got a heck of a workout and had a great time with my kids doing it.


About Mary Csuri

I'm a mom of 4 trying to keep up with her kids! Personal trainer. Lover of calisthenics/street workout. Baker of healthier treats.
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2 Responses to I play outside!

  1. Bob Ewing says:

    Nice! That’s sounds like a super fun time — and a great workout too. I love going outside myself. Antonie and I got outside in the sun for awhile yesterday, and we try to get out during lunch most days. Where is this hill? It looks beautiful.

  2. mcsuri1 says:

    It’s at a park walking distance from my house. 🙂

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