A Miracle

I have to thank Bob Ewing for this new lifestyle and way to live.  Working out, watching what you eat… seems simple, right?  I am on 4 different types of medication, one specifically is mostly used as a chemotherapy treatment for leukemia patients.  No I am not trying to be a drama queen here… the miracle is that through many tests and through years of suffering via steroids, mercaptopurine, and the many other painkillers (like dilaudid, which is 8 times more powerful than heroin), and meds that have been given to me to try and rebuild my immune system (oddly enough immunosupressant drugs)… this lifestyle change (even though I am about 50/50 paleo… well, my docs are going to be able to do the impossible… they are taking me off of my meds.  Yes… the meds they told me I would take “indefinitely.” The meds that “help me.”

So yes this may have started as a project, but I want to let everyone know that this extended my life… I am a survivor.  From the hospital bed, BACK to the marathon trail.  So Bob, Antonie, and everyone else involved with this challenge, I thank you for your support.  My Doctor literally said, “the impossible has become possible, say goodbye to your meds.”

My new song rightfully entitled “Victory” is dedicated to Bob and Antonie, with the line “There is a victory, inside of me” as the main chorus.  You can listen to the piano only version here:


Peace and Love,

Scotty D

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4 Responses to A Miracle

  1. davidisfat says:

    Wow! Congratulations..Every day we hear more and more stories about the healing properties of this lifestyle. I wonder what it will take to finally gain acceptance by “modern” medicine.

    Good luck in continued good health,

  2. geezerguy46 says:

    Scott, This is really great news. I am happy your health is improving so much.

  3. Bob Ewing says:

    This is outstanding Scott! We’re super happy that you’re kicking so much butt, and honored for the song dedication. It sounds great! We look forward to hearing about you getting in better and better shape. Keep it up!

  4. Scott Ewing says:

    Damn! Let’s plan on getting together for a marathon or triathlon…

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