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Wedding Prep

I’m getting married two months from today. I’ve been a little lax with my primal lifestyle, so it is time to get my body in shape. Here is what I am doing: I cleared out my pantry, 100%. No non-primal foods … Continue reading

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Gearing up for my 30 days

I’ve been playing with the idea of going primal for awhile now. After spending the day today with Antonie and Bob, I decided to go for it. I have made drastic changes to my diet in the past (cutting out … Continue reading

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30+ FOR 30: We Have an Army of 30+ Doing Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge

The Primal Challenge is proud to announce that we have an Army of 30+ people participating in Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint 30 Day Challenge:  over 30 for 30! We’re a diverse group:  men and women, young and old, short and … Continue reading

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Friday’s Primal Success Story – The Paleo Parents

Although there’s some small differences between Paleo & Primal, the diets & lifestyles are mutually supportive, and consider themselves to both be under the same umbrella of ancesteral health based on evolutionary science. Stacey & Matthew, along with their three … Continue reading

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Andy & January: We’re down 18 pounds in 10 days

Team Soell has a primal update on their blog.   You may remember Andy and January from our post about them last week.  Their update is so inspiring that I’m going to copy the whole thing here: Since announcing our participation … Continue reading

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Welcome Mary, Liya and Will to the Primal Challenge!

Last week we were excited to announce that three new people joined us in taking the primal challenge.  That post got a good response and was even linked to by the popular primal blogger Real Food Mama. Today we are … Continue reading

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It’s Officially Been One Month!

For those of you that started on July 1, you’ve officially been primal for a month! Think for a moment about the progress you’ve made.   How did you feel when you first started?   How do you feel now? … Continue reading

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Less Than One Week Left in July!

For those that started the Challenge on July 1, you now have less than one week to go!   Keep it up!   ***IMPORTANT:  Don’t forget Principle 5:  Get Your Basic Measurements.*** In order to receive your fabled Certificate of Awesomeness, you’ve … Continue reading

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