Week One Down: Onto Week Two

Hello, fellow primal dieters! Last week was a difficult time to begin the “30-Day Re-Introduction Challenge.” My journey back to college, among other things, really made my commitment to this new lifestyle (if you can call it that) difficult. However, I powered through, overcame my cravings, and am ready to take on week two! 

Similarly to Chuck, I’ve have really missed bread this past week. The cravings really began to hit me around the third or fourth day, but as long as I kept myself busy and lightly snacked on some fruits and vegetables, I was able to move past my desire for bread. Luckily, I haven’t struggled too much with the cutback on refined sugar. Sure, I’ve had trouble limiting my intake, but I haven’t had any major cravings. 

Now that I’m back at college, I fear it will be harder for me to meet the requirement of 7-8 hours of sleep a night. This month’s challenge will not only test my ability to combat cravings and stay healthy, it will to force me to be more efficient and productive with my schoolwork.  

I know I’m going to have trouble limiting my caffeine intake in the next few weeks (I rely on coffee way too much). Tomorrow, I’m going to go the extra mile and order a Grande instead of a Venti—saying a little money will be nice, too.

Good luck with this week, everyone!  


About Jacob Shalkhauser

Student, Amateur Photographer, and Technology Enthusiast.
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