Day 4

Phew. Glad to have powered through the past few days! I was craving diet coke like crazy yesterday afternoon and literally had to text a friend to dissuade me. It worked! I’ve avoided gluten all together. Bread hasn’t appealed to me very much at all. I do miss cereal. I’m doing alright, but I know when I have to eliminate dairy that I’ll run into issues; Milk and yogurt are two of my favorite things. I’ve been drinking a lot of water with lime and also having raw almonds to curb cravings. I feel more awake throughout the last 4 days and I know the trend will continue. Starting as of, well, 5 minutes ago, I am intermittently fasting until 12:30 PM tomorrow (so, roughly 16 hours). This was a very head-clearing part of my experience with the Primal Challenge originally and I’m excited to incorporate it again. Until later..


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