Greetings! After taking the primal challenge last year, I decided with Chuck and Jacob to take it again. It bred great results previously and I’m anxious to get started. I expect some drawbacks considering the lack of variety of pale-type food at my university, but I will power through! I’m hoping to convince some sorority sisters to take the challenge as well. I believe that cutting out dairy will be the most difficult aspect because of my morning yogurt or milk. Thankfully I will not eliminate dairy until week 4. Wish me luck!


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One Response to Re-Challenge

  1. chebridget says:

    Try Almond Milk (organic unsweetened, of course) if you are going dairy free but love milk. I did dairy free, and then incorporated it. Everyone is different, and your body will tell you what is right! Unhomogenized (and preferably unpasteurized) whole milk from grass fed cows is less irritative (therefore less inflammatory) to many people, as are raw yogurts and cheeses. Dairy should never be the main source of your calories or protein, but I believe some people can incorporate it in a healthy way.

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