Go Camping!

First, I want to admit it’s been so long since I’ve logged in that I forgot my password. Second, I’ll cover my tail by claiming that it’s because I’ve been too busy enjoying the outdoors to keep up with this (or any) blog. But, I’ve been thinking about this topic for a few months, and I’m excited to share my primal feasts with all of you – I hope you have also been enjoying the fruits of the harvest this summer!

In the 40-hour workweek world, vacation is important – but it can be challenging to fit vacation into your schedule, budget, and primal lifestyle. So, go camping! Camping is a quick, cost effective and healthy way to spend your days off and fulfill the vacation desires of your entire family. I camped several times this summer, and each time provided unique and satisfying options for my physical and spiritual nourishment. Each camping trip also posed unique “survival” challenges from scarce kindling and extreme summer heat the weekend of July 4th, to poor air quality (from natural dust due to dryness) and chilly dampness (from late night and early morning dew) this past weekend. I don’t need to tell you that you can enjoy camping on private grounds or at State and National parks in any part of the US all year round, so I’ll just show you a few of the delicious primal meals I cooked for myself and my tribe over the fires I built this summer. If you’re in or near Ohio like I am, I encourage you to pack up and head out into the wilderness for a weekend ASAP.

(Hints for photos: LOOK AT THOSE SHRIMP – so easy: olive oil, salt & pepper. The foil packs have artichoke stuffed mushrooms and grilled mushrooms, onions & peppers with marinara (respectively). Random veggies from the farmer’s market we passed on the way. Leftovers always used with eggs and cherries for breakfast. A variety of sausages: blueberry breakfast, bratwurst, cheddar beer, italian…and can you find the “fake meat”/soy patties and dogs the vegetarian brought (not as beautiful or natural as the real food)? Smokey the Bear would be proud we put our fire out with ice before leaving our campsite during the hottest and driest summer on record.

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About chebridget

I love food! I love to cook, try new restaurants, read books about food, talk about food and throw dinner parties. I also enjoy jogging, hiking, camping and traveling. I work 9-5 in a cubicle, so it's important to me that I spend the rest of the day doing what I love, which is cooking, spending time outdoors with friends, and doing musical theatre in my community. Going primal is going to be a challenge for me due to my love of all things dessert, but I'm excited to see what new recipes I can come up with.
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