Morning Links

Standard American Diet in One Chart

  • A medical ethicist writes at CNN: “People should be free to make their own choices, from the clinical trials they join to the food and drink they consume, without duress and unmolested by the state.”  Whole thing here, worth a read.
  • Scientists say that the most deadly day of the year is . . . your birthday.  (While we’re at it, here’s a fascinating reddit thread on post-death statistics.)
  • Bill O’Reilly’s wheat belly: “My cholesterol has dropped, my allergies have left, my waist size is down two inches, just for giving up wheat.”
  • Here’s a snapshot of your life before Paleo, courtesy of The Oatmeal:

    The Oatmeal, “Starboobs”


About Bob Ewing

On twitter @DCBarefootRun. Media guy for libertarian law firm by day, primal/paleo (rocking climbing, BJJ, barefooter) by, well, lunchtime...
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One Response to Morning Links

  1. Great link roundup, Bob. This might be one of the very few things I actually agree with Bill O’Reilly on!

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