Hitting the Wall

Feeling vibrant, energetic, motivated, present and happy are a lot of what keep me going in life. I would consider these to be the building blocks of a happy me. Sunday was a perfect day to experience each of these as I rafted down the Upper Animas River through the Weminuche Wilderness. Water levels were super friendly – which meant this would be challenging trip for me as the river still goes at IV+, even at this “friendly” level. Two of my favorite fellow river adventurers, Kevin and Allison, were paddling Lolita (my raft) while I guided in the back. What a perfect situation for feeling vibrant, energetic, motivated, present and happy! So how is it I felt terrible? I woke up feeling groggy. The coffee didn’t help. The breakfast burrito didn’t help. Even acing the first rapid didn’t help. I felt exhausted from the get-go. My body felt weak. I was not present in the moment, nor was I soaking in the surrounding beauty. I won’t even begin to tell you how I felt 8 hours and 27 river miles later, hiking the raft out of the bottom of Rockwood Box back up to the car.

I had hit the WALL.

Monday rolls around and what do I do about it? Nothing. Just work part of the day with minimal effectiveness, have a margarita or 2 with dinner, then wake up Tuesday morning feeling worse than Monday. Which brings us to where we are now. Sitting at my computer, feeling drained and lacking motivation while sipping my morning coffee at noon.

Point being, that a few times every year it’s best if I take an hour to break out the pen and paper, reassess my goals then make a plan. In other words, get back to the primal challenge!

My Primal Challenge+ List for June:

  • Eat primal – 80/20 not 60/40
  • Grocery shop for 4 days at a time (I find this key for actually eating properly)
  • Eat at least 2,200 calories a day – some people overeat when they aren’t organized, I under eat
  • Stay hydrated – start and end each day with 1 pint of ice water
  • Feel the sun on my shoulders at least every other day
  • Get enough quality sleep
  • Exercise effectively and purposefully
  • Set and accomplish 1 project goal for work and home each week
  • Set and pursue 1 sports goal this month
  • Research and learn a little bit daily – June’s research will revolve around feeling more energetic
  • No alcohol for the next 7 days. Only paleo friendly red wine and margaritas thereafter, and in moderation and at least 2 hours before bed

Ready, set, GO!

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2 Responses to Hitting the Wall

  1. Bob Ewing says:

    Excellent post Price! I’m jealous of your badass rafting trip. Sorry to hear you hit the wall and didn’t totally maximize your experience. It’s so easy to fall into routine, including bad routine. Though I’m inspired by your personal Primal Challenge+ list for June. Your 11 goals all seem obtainable with the right about of commitment and perseverance. Which ones do you think wil be easiest to do? Which hardest? Personally, I still have so much room to improve on sleep. I plan to become a sleep effort, but I’m quite often sacrificing it for something. I’m excited to hear about your progress!

    • ecirpttocs says:

      Eating 2,200 calories a day (while eating 80/20) and and actively pursuing 1 sports goal will be the hardest. It’s just so easy to participate in any sport at any time, yet not maintain a focus. Quality sleep is the easiest (at least so far)!

      Energy levels are already improving, though muscle recovery has been SUPER slow…. time for some more research! This is a great old energy post from Mark’s Daily Apple: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/energy-boost/#axzz1x8cGJUTw So far I’ve been focusing on hydrating and sleep.

      Good luck sleeping Bob!!!

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