I fell off the track big time this spring. Lots of travel, moving to Atlanta, stress, lots of eating out, and no will power. (The last one is the underlying reason, I suspect.) My absence here is also a symptom of my not being primal. My exercise has been pretty much nonexistent recently, too. Thankfully, I’ve at least kept on top of my sleep.

Anyway, it is time to get back on track. My fiancee Amanda and I are re-committing together to staying primal this summer. I will post more frequently this summer, too, about some of our culinary creations and our progress.  We were 95% this week, with the “cheat” 5% being a meal at a wonderful Italian restaurant with a friend. The rest of the week, we either took a primal lunch to work, cooked a primal meal at home, or stayed primal while eating out.

Here are a few of the meals we’ve cooked at home:


Fajita salad with homemade guacamole

Salmon with Romanesco broccoli (math food!)

Spinach stuffed chicken with fresh tomatos and cucumbers

Wish us luck! We are still struggling with carb cravings right now. We will hopefully be past them soon.

How is everyone else doing?



About Chuck Grimmett

Web consultant, photographer, and problem solver. I also cook a lot and am learning to make data visualizations.
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4 Responses to Re-Upping

  1. paleojoe says:

    Great to hear you are recommitting, Chuck! Keep us all posted on your progress. The carb cravings will go away as long as you keep eating tasty meals like those in your pictures.

  2. chebridget says:

    Great pics. I definitely can sympathize, and I am with you on the absence. I’ve recently gone back to writing down my food consumption in a journal to keep myself honest, and track my exercise and vitamins as well.

    • Bob Ewing says:

      Bridget, what kind of journal do you use? Is it digital, and would you recommend it? I’ve tried recording food and I’ve tried recording exercise, and I’ve not been able to do either successfully for long. But sometimes I feel like it would be awesome if I did — especially the food.

  3. Bob Ewing says:

    Awesome to hear you’re back on track Chuck! Those meals look fantastic. I’m always impressed and humbled by the pictures you toss up here.

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