Dairy-Free Challenge: Chuck’s Week 3 Update

First off, I have to admit that I have only been about 90% dairy free for the past three weeks. The first week, I was 100%, but I fell prey to stress and convenience the past two weeks. (Bridget’s last post really hit home for me.)

Honestly, I don’t feel a difference. That could be because I’ve only been 90% dairy-free, or it could be that I won’t notice a difference until I reintroduce dairy into my diet. I am going to do my best to be 100% dairy-free again this week, maybe for an additional one to be safe, then reintroduce dairy and see what happens.

One good thing is that I haven’t much missed not having cheese, whey protein, yogurt, cream, or kefir. I’ve found alternatives for the roles those things filled in my diet. I now eat eggs for breakfast or just skip breakfast instead of using whey protein and milk as a filler. I found a coconut kefir to replace milk kefir, which is great because all of the health benefits of coconut. I am also consciously drinking more water now. (Not sure why that happened as a result of trying to go dairy-free, but it did.)


About Chuck Grimmett

I am the product manager at Praxis, a startup that helps people launch their careers. When I’m not online, I prefer being outside and/or reading.
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