Dairy-Free Challenge, Week 1 Update (Chuck)

I’ve been 100% dairy free for a full week so far. I don’t feel a difference in my energy levels, nor do I seem to be noticeably dropping any weight. It is only the first week, though, so I am not worried. My skin does seem to be clearer than it usually is, but whether or not that is specifically from cutting dairy from my diet, I am not sure.

Staying dairy-free has been relatively easy for me. I haven’t had cravings for butter, milk, yogurt, or cheese. No withdrawl symptoms what-so-ever. (Can you get withdrawl from going off of dairy? I am not sure…) I got rid of all of that stuff from my fridge, so I haven’t been tempted by it. I did have to change my typical breakfast of a protein shake because the protein powder I use is made from whey. Now I make eggs and veggies for breakfast.

Big win this week: I found cultured coconut milk to take the place of kefir in my diet. Kefir does wonders for my digestion, so I was very happy when I found this. It has a pretty good taste, so I am pleased.

How is your dairy-free challenge going?


About Chuck Grimmett

Web consultant, photographer, and problem solver. I also cook a lot and am learning to make data visualizations.
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7 Responses to Dairy-Free Challenge, Week 1 Update (Chuck)

  1. Vanessa says:

    I have been looking for a good kefir substitute – I’ll have to try that out! Keep it up!

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  4. Staffaction says:

    Similar to you, I’ve noticed little change…too many other variable so far I think. And it doesn’t help that last week was kinda a cheat week due to circumstances outside my control (did not cheat on milk though!).

    I think this challenge has been tougher for me than for you. I really really like the 5 ingredient haagen daz ice cream, kefir, and whole chocolate milk….

    But hey, by doing this, at least I’m eating less sugar and eating more nutrient dense food!

  5. Teri says:

    I would definitely agree with all of you that not much change is noticed yet. But, like what Ben mentioned..too many variables because of the whole change of diet. I can share with you though that I do already have a slight intolerance to dairy…mainly milk so I have eliminated that early in my diet prior to this. As far as challenging myself to eliminate ice cream, cheese, yogurt and butter as well as the rest of the delicious dairy products…I do miss them but I am going to continue the 30 days with you, regardless. I have noticed my skin is clearing up and experiencing very little IBS, but that could be also due to having no grains so I can’t really say which or if all the diet combined is the reason for this. I am struggling with my sugar intake though…so far, I keep adding raw honey to my coffee and tea…which should not be so much a part of my carbohydrate intake. Over all, I’m getting closer and closer to a Paleo!! 🙂

  6. Cyndi Huffman says:

    I was VERY skeptical when I was challenged to go dairy free for 6 weeks. I have been dairy free for over 6 weeks now BUT after 3 weeks ALL my indigestion and acid re-flux was GONE! I lived on prilosec and TUMS, now I don’t need any antacids! It is worth that alone to do without dairy.

    • stephy0905 says:

      You are a great mystery solver. I’ve been dairy free for about a week until today and had a bit of milk and had the worst heartburn! I struggled with it before being dairy free and I simply couldn’t figure out what was causing it today and before. I bet it is the dairy!

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