The Paleo Solution: Book Review

The book is fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the things that really helped my reading of it is that I had already listened to many of The Paleo Solution podcasts featuring Robb Wolf.  That was crucial for me I think because it helped me to understand his personality and style, as well as already gave me some exposure to all the technical vocabulary in dealing with digestion etc.  Robb is pretty laid back.  This is not an academic treatise. He jokes around and writes as if he’s talking to you.  You’ll have to read it like that.

If you’re looking for a good book that: explains why eating paleo is best for your body, how to do it, explains other crucial elements you need to look, feel, and perform your best (like sleep), and gives practical suggestions, you’ve found your book.

Even if you don’t agree with everything Robb says (most of conventional wisdom doesn’t), the book is still a fascinating read form a “how does that work?” perspective.  I was impressed with how he made complex subjects understandable.  There’s only so much an author can do for a lay audience and I think Wolf did a superb job. Some portions I did have to reread slowly just to get it but that’s not his fault. I’ve just never read the vocabulary before.

For me, most the book’s value is in explaining why this stuff works, and giving a thirty day meal plan (complete with recipe’s) in the back. I highly recommend it and rank it 5/5 stars.  I greatly look forward to his next (more in-depth) book.

I recommend checking out his website and podcast:


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